Life after High School to College

Photo Source:   Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

You often hear your older friends or parents saying things like, “I miss high school” or “I wish I’m back in high school”. However, some just wants to get out of high school! School is definitely the place where you create great memories with friends and learn new things every day. Once the final exams are over, you jump for joy and hope for the best to pass your exams in flying colours. However, the last day of school marks a number of things; Sadness, happiness and life after high school.

Once you are done with high school, you need a plan. So, what are your plans? Some take a few months break to chill and have fun, some go right into college, and some, start searching for jobs to work. However, many students who go into the working scene without entering college may find it harder to find jobs and to work in a specific industry. Think of what you want to do in life and follow your passion. Unlike high school, you can either be in Science or Art stream and the subjects are a given. However, in college, you need to choose what you want to pursue.

If you like a certain industry, find out more about where and how you can obtain an education on it. If you are still unsure on what course you want to take, take a foundation first and see where it leads you. According to the site,, do not limit yourself to traditional job descriptions alone- consider jobs you will love if you realize they actually existed. Example; Music, Automotive, Fashion or anything else. From there, find a suitable college and start building a foundation.

Going into a college after high school is not something you should take lightly of. Do proper research on the colleges you are interested in. You can bring your parents or relatives along for the counselling session to get opinions and advices. This determines your future and the whole of your college life. Of course there are a few factors before going into college. Never go into a college because of peer pressure or most of your friends are going into the same college. Go into the college you want to or feel most comfortable at. Some of the factors to consider are; Price/ranking if any/ twinning programmes/partner universities/location and reviews.

When you leave school life, you enter a new phase of adult life. Change takes time, but change is real. Here’s a scenario; let’s say you were a shy and timid kid in school, but you always loved the entertainment industry. School does not change you because all you needed to do is study the given subjects and do well in your exams. Then, you moved on to college and choose entertainment as your choice of study. In college, you are required to be outspoken because you need to do presentations, group assignments, public speaking and even role-play. All these activities in college will slowly groom you into someone more outgoing and confident. As time goes by, you will suddenly realize you have changed and move out of your comfort zone. You are now more talkative and sociable compared to when you were still in high school.
Prepare to make a good change in yourself. Your friends in high school will also change when they move out of school. Moving out of high school will also change your mind set on life. This is because, we are more exposed to different things and moving out of our comfort zone.

Food price in a school canteen and college cafeteria is different. Of course when you go into college, food prices are higher compared to your ordinary school canteen, but this also means more food choices. Most college students still rely on their parents for monthly allowances, therefore, spend wisely and keep track on where you are spending on. Some college students will spend their weekends on part time jobs to pay off their tuition fees or to support their spending’s in college. Do not take education for granted as education does not come cheap. However, do your best in high school and earn a scholarship if possible. This will definitely lower the financial burden. Talk to your counsellors on types of scholarships that you can obtain or education loans available.

College work requires a lot of research, and sometimes, the need to go out to do further research, a team project, or sometimes, events. Unlike being in school, there will be no consent letters for your parents or guardian to sign. Most of the outings are based on your personal decisions. Many students also come from outstation, therefore, the need to rent a room or a place. This also means students have to be capable of taking care of themselves. This is where independence comes in; the need to take care of your own health, to settle your own food, to find your own transportation, the need to clean your own room or wash your own clothes, and to live independently.

Instead of being spoon fed in school with timetable or exam schedules, most college students need to check the schedules themselves and to submit assignments on the given deadline. In school, when you fail in an exam, you study harder the next round. However, in most colleges, if you fail in an exam, you need to pay and retake. College is the time where you make your own study schedule without having your parents to remind you to study or having to keep track on your studies.

Have fun
Welcome to adulthood! The lecturers in college will treat you like an adult. Your legal age has started, so have fun in movies and the permission to drive anywhere you like. Choices of life is in your hands, you just need to steer the wheel! Make new friends, mingle around, explore the world, be a social butterfly and have fun! Before you know it, it is already your graduation day, and that, will be another phase in your life!