Lamborghini is Partnering with WHO to Build the Electric Dream Car?!


Carmaking giants Lamborghini are partnering with MIT to build the dream electric car. The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept car is a project underway at MIT's campus.

Image from:  CNET

Image from: CNET

They face a host of issues; the batteries for an electric car are heavy, the duration of each ride is limited and recharging is slow. There is also the issue of the roaring engines -  a staple in Lamborghini’s V10s and V12s. Electric engines just can’t produce that iconic squeal.

To answer that question, Lambo turned to MIT, in what will undoubtedly be an extremely popular on-campus research project for the next three years. MIT is aiming to produce a moonshot rather that a short term sellable product. The product is the Terzo Millennio, a full scale model is available outside the Stata Center on MIT’s campus. The car is a dream of what a distant future Lamborghini could look like if engineers were given free reign of their ideas.

Current Lamborghinis are built around a big engine behind the seats. Electric cars are built around their batteries. The idea is that the car’s body is the battery. YES THAT’S RIGHT! While it sounds like the most INSANE thing ever, it seems to be the only way to make sure the Lamborghini maintains its sleek shape while also allowing for it to be sufficiently charged. Within three years Lamborghini and MIT hope to develop carbon nanotube technology to the point that structural parts can double as batteries. But that technology won’t be so easily available within the next 30 years or so.

The other major subject of this MIT-Lambo team-up concerns supercapacitors, which can be quickly charged and discharged but can't store as much energy as an equivalent battery. However, Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini's chief technical officer, explained that an electric Lamborghini is going to have different priorities than most other passenger cars.

"I'd rather have quick charging than long range," he said. "Because if you have really quick charging, the range doesn't matter as much. I'd rather be able to do four laps of the Nurburgring and then charge in three minutes than be able to drive a long distance but take a long time to recharge."

If you want to find out more about this amazing car of the future, check out Lamborghini’s website!

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