How to Unwind, Relax & Study

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Photo Source: Pinterest

Examinations are nerve-wrecking, especially when it comes to an exam which will determine your future! As SPM is approaching, here are some ways to relax and focus on your studies. Keep the nerves down and you are on the right track.

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Photo Source: whstatic

Do up a personal timetable for your exams and study period. However, remember to also slot in an hour or two for an unwinding session. Although studying is utmost priority at the moment, do also remember to eat and sleep well as those factors will play a role in your body system. Make sure you follow your timetable as per plan and try not to slack away from it. According to UCLA researchers, longer study hours generally meant fewer hours of sleep. In turn, that predicted greater academic problems the following day. So peeps, don’t cramp all your studies in one day and segregate it out in your schedule!

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Photo Source: Pinterest

Electronics & the fun stuff
Studying with your books and a laptop might be a great idea but try to discipline yourself and keep away from social media sites (Eg; Facebook/Youtube/Instagram etc) while studying. This also includes your mobile phone, PlayStation and other fun stuff. We sometimes have that “one friend” who always tells us there is no need to study and go “Lepak at mamak”. Well, we always have the choice to say NO. Stick with your schedule and don’t run away from it. Study time should only consist of studying.

Photo Source:   brainscape

Photo Source: brainscape

Study groups
Although the more the merrier, when it comes to study groups, keep it small. You won’t want to end up chit chatting about other things and run out of focus. Gather a group of friends, preferable 2-4 person, study on the same topics together and run through it. This enables a sharing process amongst the group. Other than that, role play can be included in the study group by asking each other questions to answer. However, do also remember to choose your study groups wisely. These groups in the end of the day will determine the productivity of the session.

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Photo Source: shutterstock

Always study in a conducive environment. Avoid anywhere too noisy or uncomfortable. Find a place that you are most comfortable at, be it your home, a favourite café, relative’s house, etc. Although books and notes are extremely helpful in terms of studying, you can also bring along your laptop to research more on the particular topic or even do an online SPM test. You can also watch educational videos on SPM topics and tips. One example would be:

Photo Source:   aimeduservices

Photo Source: aimeduservices

Tips to study
Everyone has their own ways of studying, but here are some useful tips:
1. Pointers – Instead of memorizing word for word, write down or highlight important pointers and memorize those points instead. From there, it is easier to elaborate and you can get more points!
2. Highlights and colours- Make your notes colourful if you have to! According to the site, colour resulted in better attention and memory performance. Use different colours for different topics, or different colours for different segments.

3. Mind map/Diagram- Draw a mind map or a diagram while studying! Mind maps are effective for connecting ideas while a diagram helps with our visual memory! Not everyone can remember words however, those who are more attracted to visual, drawing an image or an object related to the topic can help boost the memory.

4. Ask for help/extra classes – If your teacher offers an intensive SPM extra classes, go for it! The teacher is spending his or her time to help students achieve better results in SPM. Most of the time, you can even get tips on important topics that will be coming out for the exam. If you do not understand a topic, don’t just brush it off, but ask your teachers.

5. Revision books- Head to the bookstore and buy some revision books for SPM. This is the best way to feel like you are in the actual exam, doing the actual test. Different revision books offers similar questions but in a different manner. So when the real exam comes, you might have even answered that question before!

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Photo Source: Pinterest

Exercise and unwind
When you are on your “resting period” of the schedule, hit the gym or go for a walk in the park! Not only does this helps you physically, but mentally as well. It has been proven that exercising can boost memory and brain power. After your exercising routine, you can either take a cold or warm bath! When the weather makes you feel like you’re in an oven, take a cold bath. However, when it is approaching your sleep time, a warm or even hot bath produces better sleep. If you have a bathtub, soak in it and relax your mind.

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Photo Source: Pinterest

Listen to music and drink tea!
Listening to music can relax the mind and soul! However, do also pick the right type of music to listen to. Even if you do not like classical music, it is worth giving it a try! According to, listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies especially slow, quiet and classical music. If you want to unwind after all that stressful study period, try drinking tea! The best type of tea to drink is Chamomile. Not only does chamomile reduces stress and anxiety, is also helps with insomnia. Avoid energy drinks or drinks that are heavy in caffeine. Oh! And not forgetting aromatherapy. Be it in the form of essential oils, soaps, diffuser, and the list goes on. Aromatherapy can help soothe the mind and body, putting us in a relax state.