Getting A New Car? Here are 5 Features To Look Out For


Are you getting a brand new car but don’t know exactly what your new car needs to have? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Do you need big fancy wheels? A chrome paint job? While most cars in the showroom do have these features, it’s all just designed to sell the car to you.

As the driver, here are 5 must-haves in your next car that will be honestly useful.

#1 Turbochargers

Photo Source:   Muscle Car DIY

Photo Source: Muscle Car DIY

The Fast and Furious series has ingrained the legend of the turbo cars into our collective memories. But turbochargers aren’t just for Dom and his crew, they’re also useful to have in your next car. Most modern car engines have turbochargers not just to give you that extra turbo boost, but also to improve engine efficiency and help to lower fuel consumption as well.

#2 Airbags

Photo Source:   CarToq

Photo Source: CarToq

Airbags are absolutely essential to have in a car because it will definitely help to minimalise injuries in case of an accident. But how many airbags is really necessary in a car? Well, 6 would be the best answer. Two each for the driver and front passenger; one in the front and one on the sides, and of course, one each for your rear seat passengers as well.

#3 Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Photo Source:   SlideShare

Photo Source: SlideShare

While having airbags is great, the best option is to not be in an accident at all. This is where the electronic stability control is fantastic. ESC is a system that prevents your car from skidding and can help you steer your car back into the right direction. In fact, Malaysia has set a ruling where all cars must have ESC installed by 2018.

#4 A great entertainment system

Photo Source:   InAutoNews

Photo Source: InAutoNews

This is more of a feature for your passengers, because we do not condone in any way the driver taking his eyes off the road to watch the next episode of Powerpuff Girls. A great entertainment system consists of multiple media input interfaces (AUX-IN, SD card, etc.) and a modern touchscreen or touchpad interface, and connects to your smartphone for those smooth, smooth tunes.

#5 Remote keyless entry

Photo Source:   Best Ride

Photo Source: Best Ride

Keyless entry systems allow you to unlock your car by pushing a button on a remote. The ability to quickly get into your car without fumbling for the key is an important safety feature, especially in poorly-lit areas. It also helps that you don’t have a dozen keys jangling around while looking for the one to start the car.

So before you sign on the dotted line, remember to grab this handy checklist and see if your new car has all of these useful features.

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