Companies diving into the Automotive Business


Many companies these days are trying to expand and by all means, branching out into totally different industries. There are many companies around the world trying to branch out and collaborating with different partners, forming an entity.

Let’s take a look at some of the companies diving into the automotive business!

Photo Source:   Quattroruote

Photo Source: Quattroruote

Microsoft & Toyota

Last year in 2016, Microsoft and Toyota announced their expansion to support Toyota’s research and development in robotics. According to, Microsoft’s patents for connected cars includes tools to store and transfer files, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. The company says it sees driving becoming more personalized than ever and convenient in the future. The technology will also predict when cars needs maintenance and anticipate drivers’ intended routes based on their calendars. We can’t wait to drive these cars in the future! Won’t driving be much simpler?

Photo Source:   Automotive News

Photo Source: Automotive News

Walmart & CarSaver

The very famous Walmart is known for retailing and running hypermarkets. However, they are now jumping into the automotive business. Walmart will be collaborating with CarSaver, a website selling new and used cars. This partnership will allow CarSaver to run multiple kiosks and information centres at Walmart stores, whilst Walmart will have a landlord and tenant agreement with CarSaver.

Photo Source:   ravepubs

Photo Source: ravepubs

Samsung & Harman

When you think of Samsung, you think smart phones or electronics. What we don’t know is, the fact they acquired Harman International Industries. Samsung provides Harman the platform and technologies for growth in the automotive industry. Harman is known for its premium audio speakers as well as designing products and solutions for automakers such as; navigation systems, audio and multimedia systems. According to, this is a big move for Samsung and it’s sincerity about being a big player in the evolving auto industry.

Photo Source:   cdn.vox

Photo Source: cdn.vox

Intel, Mobileye, Delphi & BMW

BMW, Intel, Mobileye and Delphi are all collaborating to co-develop an autonomous driving platform. Delphi came on board as a new member of the effort, prior to Intel’s acquisition of Mobileye in early 2016. Delphi will provide key compute components and they will work directly with Intel and Mobileye on sensor fusion and automated driving software. Audi is also equipped with Delphi’s sensor system. BMW has recently started initiating its latest automated test vehicles, debuting it at the Intel Garage opening event.

Photo Source:   Arab News

Photo Source: Arab News

Bosch & Mercedes

Bosch and Merdeces has recently teamed up to develop self-driving taxis. Bosch will develop the software needed for autonomous driving together with the car maker. This enables them to speed up the process of creating a production-ready system for autonomous cars. According to, the market for autonomous vehicles is expected to grow from about $3 billion to $96 billion in year 2025.


Huawei, known for its mobile phones are now expanding into the automotive business. The company has shifted its resources towards the development of autonomous vehicles. Although Huawei is in the planning stage as of now and there are no confirmed news yet, there are reports indicating the company has assembled its own automated car Research and Development team. Huawei has also partnered with Vodafone, demonstrating some of their latest innovations at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.