Car Doctors in the making at TOC Automotive College!


At TOC Automotive College, we believe we play an integral part in shaping the fundamentals and the future of the automotive industry. That being said, we want to cultivate passionate and professional individuals. We want to be an important institution, shaping the younger generations to achieve their dreams.

Our goal is to create great technicians, or what we would rather call, a car doctor. “Doctor” as you know, needs to understand the human body parts and diagnose the problems as of when needed. Similar to a car doctor, who needs to understand the car body parts and components in order to fix it. Don’t you think it sounds similar? Well, because it probably is!

A human body is like a car. Let’s break down the similarities for you;

The appearance
First impression is everything. As for human, we are born with different body shapes and sizes. Similar to cars, there are different types of cars; Sedan, Hatch-backs, K-cars etc small cars, and so on so forth. Our face is like the front of the car; Eyes: Headlights, Nose: Grill, Mouth: Front Bumper. Accessories on cars are like make-up and accessories on us. Let’s put it this way, we can choose the colour of our car, like how we can choose the colour of our clothing. We can enhance the car’s appearance by adding on car accessories, as so, humans can put on make-up to enhance our look.

The bones / Chassis
Humans have bones to keep them strong and is a structure to what forms the shape. A car chassis which is the base form of a car. Without bones or chassis, nothing can be formed.

Our brains helps us store, process and analyze information to perform daily activities. As for cars, the ECU controls the performance of a car, eg; fuel and air ratio of a car for proper combustion.

Larynx/ Horn
The human produce sounds when we speak. Different people have different voices. Same goes to a car honk; different cars have different honking sounds.

Our heart pumps blood in order for us to be alive. For cars, the engine is like the heart of a car. Without the engine, the car won’t be able to move.

Our blood gives our body oxygen, whereas Petrol gives the engine power. The coolant is a fluid that cools down the car. For humans, sweat helps us cool down.

Stomach/Fuel Tank
We need food in order to have energy, enabling us to perform tasks on a daily basis. For cars, the fuel tank needs to be filled with petrol to feed the engine in order for the car to run.

Intestines/Emissions systems
Our Intestine digest our food intake, whereas the car emission system will be the pistons; compressing the fluid in the cylinder.

Bowel movement/Exhaust
We need to secrete whatever we have eaten to clean out our digestive system, same goes to cars. Once the fuel is combusted, smoke and pressure will come out of the exhaust system.

Nervous system/Electrics & Electronics
Our nervous system is responsible for connecting the sensory organs with the rest of the body. The electric and electronics of a car tells the driver how much fuel it has, how cold or hot the engine is, and so on.

We use our body muscles in order to perform certain tasks, example; to run faster or to carry something heavy. Vice versa, the transmission helps the car to move.

When we run or walk, our legs helps us absorb the force, especially our knees. For cars, the shock absorber and the suspension does the same.

We walk on our feet’s and at the same time, we also wear shoes. Cars needs wheel to move, whereas the tyre is like our shoes.

This sums up of how a car is like a human body. It just takes different profession to diagnose the problems. For cars, we have car doctors, and for human, we have medical doctors!

That being said, our students studies about cars. It takes years of practice to be able to solve and diagnose car problems. We are nurturing them to become future car doctors, serving a vital duty in the automotive sector.