Can you figure out why these car ads were banned?


Buckle up, buttercup, because you’re in for a whirlwind of laughter and OMGs with these banned car ads! Watch the videos and guess why they were banned. I’ve given my best guess but I’d love to hear yours.

1. Smart car

No back seats! Not sure about you, but I’m convinced. Where can I trade in my car for a two seater?

This one was actually an award winning horror commercial. But it was banned in several countries. Why? Me thinks there might be too much gore for something that would be appearing on TV randomly at any time of the day.

2. Hyundai

Oh snap. Now that was oh-so-scandalous! And the plot twist at the end was masterfully done, so cheers to that unexpected shock factor. Definitely one of the more entertaining ads out there – In fact, Hyundai sales went up afterwards.

Pretty obvious why this one got banned, though. Your guess is as good as mine, I’m sure.

3. Audi

This one is just plain genius. Clever, simple and effective – and it manages to dis a bunch of their competitors at the same time.

Which was probably why it was banned. Too bad the competition couldn’t handle a real challenge.

4. BMW

Oh my. BMW definitely got their point across. You can’t say it’s an ineffective ad, because no one wants to be that guy!

But why ban it? My guess is that it’s a little too violent and it could be a horrible trigger for the many who have survived such situations.

5. Mercedes

Definitely LOL-able. And the way they managed to tell the story without actually using the car – hats off!

But well… While everyone loves a good dumb blonde joke (or a racist one), do we really want to be perpetuating these stereotypes? I guess the committee that decides on what ads to ban must’ve thought no!

6. Volkswagen

Adorable! Who doesn’t love a kid who swears? It’s wrong but oh-so-cute. You’ll have watched this with a smile on your face for sure.

But, language! It’s one thing for an adult to curse on screen but a kid? Maybe that’s the line.

There you have it, mi amigos. All these ads were banned for one reason or another and while the people who banned it had valid reasons, what do you think? Did these ads leave you laughing with tears in yours eyes or horrified at the mere memory of it? I’ll leave you with that and a very relatable car meme.

Photo Source:   carmemes

Photo Source: carmemes

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