Audi is Introducing This Amazing System in their Cars! You Won’t Believe What It Is!


Audi is one of the most innovative automotive makers when it comes to highly-automated driving. Their expertise in this field speaks volumes, with the driverless Audi TTS and the RS7 Sportback doing extreme tasks like scaling mountains and racing; all without having an actual driver.

Audi has since pushed the boundaries by demonstrating their ability of piloted driving on public roads, with testings on the roads of the United States, Germany and Shanghai. Our dreams of having an autopilot car are slowly coming true.

Image from:  Audi

Image from: Audi

And it’s even more exciting now that Audi plans to put into production their amazing piloted driving system based on their patented adaptive cruise control and traffic jam assist functions. With speeds of between 0 to 65 km/h, the system will take over the acceleration, braking and even steering duties from the driver, providing some much needed traffic jam stress relief!

When there is lesser traffic, the automated system will prompt the driver to resume control over the car. The “brains” behind this ingenuity is the central driver assistance control unit (zFAS), which uses processors to evaluate the signals from all its sensors while a radar scans the front of the car.

Image from:  The Verge

Image from: The Verge

The system is also equipped with a video camera which detects lane markings, guardrails, pedestrians and other vehicles. A laser scanner delivers high-precision data about objects up to 80 meters (262.5 ft) away. There are also usage of as many as 12 ultrasonic sensors and four cameras monitoring the surrounding area of the car, allowing the system to create a “picture” of the traffic situation in great detail. This allows for early detection of other vehicles or objects in front of the car.

What do you think about this great new system by Audi? Does it make you want to try it out? Leave a comment below!

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