Art of Speed Malaysia

Photo Source:   themalaysianreserve

Photo Source: themalaysianreserve

If you are a car lover or more precisely, a custom and retro car lover, you would have heard of this event called the “Art of Speed Malaysia”, a Malaysian home-grown “Old-school & Custom Culture” motor show. It was my third time at the event because really, you get to feast your eyes on all sorts of vehicles and goodies. Unlike other car shows, this show is more laid-back, accompanied with clothing vendors, food stalls, merchandise booths and more. This time around, they had a collaboration with Wayang Kulit Tattoo. The crowd were amazing; some were doing tattoos, some were looking at bikes, some were purchasing goodies, and some, were looking at custom cars.

A motor-head will not miss this event as vendors from all over the world participated in this show. Many of them go crazy for the “Mooneyes” booth. If you have never heard of Mooneyes, they are popular for its Hot Rod & Custom shows in Japan. On the other hand, the brand is also well-known in the US with its merchandise and equipment’s. Other vendors includes; Vans, Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show, Bad Lab, Borneo Kustom Show and the list goes on.

The 2017 show was held at MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang) on 29th & 30th July. Unfortunately, I only attended one day but the entrance fee paid is for a 2-day entry. This is the place where you can really mingle and share common interest with motor-heads across the globe. Here are some of the pictures I’ve managed to capture with my phone: