Another 4 More Common Causes of Car Accidents in Malaysia


Accidents on the road can involve a range of scenarios. This could be from vehicle to vehicle, cars with pedestrians, trucks with motorcycles and much more. Off late, there have been many recorded accidents in Malaysia with the latest news as a tragedy that has shocked the nation. These are accidents that could have been avoided, as many are caused by human error and the complete lack of responsibility on affected parties.

We recently wrote about annoying causes of car accidents in Malaysia. But we realized that we we didn’t cover a lot of other causes of car accidents, so here we are are to list down a few more.

#1 Driving Offensively

Photo Source:   Davis Body Shop

Photo Source: Davis Body Shop

Have you ever been tailgated before? It’s an annoying feeling to have someone following you so closely on the roads, but it’s even more dangerous knowing that one slight mistake from either car will lead of a major accident. Offensive drivers rule over KL roads, so it’s no surprise that our tensions are always running high. Being a defensive driver will most probably prevent you from getting into accidents in the first place, and be more aware of things happening on the road around you.

#2 Beating the Red Light

Photo Source:   TIME

Photo Source: TIME

In Malaysia, the traffic lights are read quite different. Some Malaysian interpret it as “Green means go, Yellow means go faster and Red means go if there’s no other cars.” Beating the traffic light is risky, because all it takes is for another driver raring to go on the opposite lane for catastrophe to strike. And when you realise that almost half a million samans were issued in 2015 for beating the red light in KL, you start to realise how common the offence is. Just wait patiently for the next change of light instead of speeding up to beat it.

#3 Driving Drunk or Under the Influence

If you need someone to tell you why you shouldn’t be driving while drunk, we really don’t want to be friends with you anymore. When you’re intoxicated, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive a few thousand kilo metal machine on the road and endanger lives around you. Still, it’s all too common for people to drive after a night of drinking. And we’re saying; do the right thing. Don’t drink and drive. Take a GrabCar or a taxi back instead.

#4 Changing Lanes without Signalling

Photo Source:   Tao of Sports

Photo Source: Tao of Sports

You see the clicker on the right (or occasionally left) side of your steering wheel? That’s your signal indicator. It’s normally used when you’re planning to switch lanes, or to indicate that you’re making a turn. SO WHY ISN’T MORE PEOPLE AWARE OF THIS FACT? People weaving in and out of traffic without even doing the simplest of things; flipping the signal and saving people around you the surprise. And yes, accidents do happen when you don’t use the signal lights.

So always remember. Your life and the lives of the people around you are at stake when you drive. Take the utmost care and be safe on the roads. Which of these annoying causes do you hate the most? Leave a comment below!

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