Ahmed Danial Bin Ahmad Fami

Interview by Peter Burns – Asia Motorsport Development

Interview by Peter Burns – Asia Motorsport Development

Can you give us some information about your background, where do you come from and why did you chose to study at TOC?

I was born in Kuala Lumpur and I’m from Ampang. The reason that I came to TOC is that this college attracted me about developing my knowledge of cars. I have always been interested in cars since I was very young.

My first interest was in model cars, and I used to buy a lot of toy cars! I have been targeting TOC college since I was 15 years old and I wanted to join this college to develop my studies. I joined TOC straight after my secondary school and I am studying the Automotive course.

Why did you choose Automotive?

I wanted to learn all about the car first, then after I have finished this diploma I am planning to continue and move into motorsport.

You’ve worked at several Caterham motorsport meetings haven’t you? Why did you volunteer and what made you want to do this?

It has been on my bucket list since I was 12 years old to go to Sepang! The college asked who wanted to go to Sepang and join the Caterham crew, so I wanted to be part of the crew and jumped at the chance!

How did you find the experience?

It was great fun, although a little bit tiring but I really enjoyed what I was doing because I really loved to do all this racing experience.

What important lessons did it teach you?

The most important lesson is that you need to be quick and fast. Such as doing the tyres, being ready and waiting for the cars when they come into the pits, cleaning the cars, refilling the fuel, and checking everything. You need to be quick and fast! Quick meaning on time as well.

On time is one of the most important lessons. How do you think that experience may benefit you in the future?

The experience will benefit me in the future because it will make it easier for me to go ahead in my career because I have had this hands on motorsport experience working with Caterham at Sepang. When I started as a first year student I learnt a lot from the track experience at Sepang.

What are your career aspirations, if you could like into the future, where would you like to be in 10 to 20 years time?

Going back to my bucket list, actually I would like to be a racer! But I know that to become a racer you need a lot of money and you need to know the technique to drive. You need to be in motorsport to understand how it all works. So to drive, and work towards becoming a racer one day, then I need to start in karting, build up my name and start marketing myself.

If you are interested in karting then you should have a look at the IKC (Initial Karting Competizione) karting series at Shah Alam, which is a good one to start with. You rent your kart and go racing, anyone can do it. You can find their details on Facebook.

You are now in your second year, what is the next step on your career path and what will you do when you leave TOC?

Maybe I will go and work with BMW who I have worked with before. Secondly I maybe continue on to do my degree. I may consider this as my father has asked me to continue on Automotive, but having said that, I would very much like to be involved in motorsport when I’m taking the degree. I am not sure where yet but there is a motorsport college in New Zealand.

I wish you well. Thank you very much indeed, much appreciated and good luck for your future.

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