Accessorize your car affordably!


Who doesn’t love accessorizing? Well some do and some don’t – fortunately for you, I LOVE accessorizing! I also love all things cheap and if I can DIY it? Heck yeah, even better! And so today, we delve into ways of accessorizing one’s car, to make life easier (and fun-er) while on the road!

You want things that are practical and affordable. Sometimes though, it’s nice to have a lil’ bling bling, just to amp up the journey.

So here are 5 things you can add to your car that will leave it accessorized and hopefully add some convenience and charm.

1. We’ve all got trash
So have a designated trash bag and a spot to hang it/place it. And I don’t mean a random plastic bag you happen to have lying around either – this will just get thrown out when it’s full and let’s be real, you won’t get a replacement any time soon.

Photo Source:   flek

Photo Source: flek

DIY: Get an old cloth bag, cut the string off one side and loop the other over and around the driver’s head rest – TADA.

2. Make a statement when you’ve stopped the car
So this one is illegal… IF YOU’RE DRIVING. But if you’ve parked or you’re idle somewhere, waiting for someone – then it’s a great way to add some personality! What am I talking about? Undercarriage lights. Purple, blue, green – go neon and go bright. All around or just some areas – hey, it’s your choice and you can find many on online stores like Just google it!

Photo Source:   joeflorida

Photo Source: joeflorida

DIY: Get everything you need from your local hardware store or a place like Mr. DIY or ACE! Then Youtube for directions ;)

3. Boo-boos happen.
Scratches, cuts, bites (ouch!) and more happen (let’s always buckle up and avoid the bigger accidents though). So in these moments, it’d be great to have a first-aid kit handy. There are ready made ones, filled with everything you need from band-aids to ointments (even Panadol and those gastric pills are great to have at the ready). Again, you can order this online (Google it, my friend!).

Photo Source:   XLRaceParts

Photo Source: XLRaceParts

DIY: Google a list and add personal items that you’re bound to need (eg. Morning sickness pills, an Epi-Pen etc.). Go on a scavenger hunt (you’ll find a lot of it at home and the others at any pharmacy) and fill up a cute looking tote bag to keep in your car!

4. Those dice things are really expensive
And so overdone. But you don’t want to leave that prime area empty! Add a lil’ bit of yourself to it, because this is something you and everyone else will notice the moment they enter your car. Get creative! I’ve got a tiny bucket hanging there (because I named my car The Bucket) – got it from Daiso for a mere RM5! You could easily find odd bits and bobs from stores all around.

Photo Source:   Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

DIY: Got some old necklaces you (your girlfriend/wife) don’t use anymore? Perfect. Just grab a few cool looking ones and hang ‘em up for some added oomph during each drive.

5. Get organized
You’s a hot mess, child. But that ain’t no reason for your car to be one too. So get a back seat car organizer and sort your mess out! Tissue, water bottle, iPad, lip stick, books, a sweater, pens, breath mints – you got a lot of stuff so don’t spend another day in that squalor.

Photo Source:   Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

DIY: Use a hanging shoe organizer! You get those a whole lot more cheaper (online or at stores) and you can just snip it or sew it up to fit the shape of your car seat.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, some great ways to accessorize one’s car and the affordable alternatives to boot. And here’s one more just for fun – get some rhinestones and bedazzle your dashboard! Go creative with patterns or maybe a personalized message ;)

Have fun accessorizing!

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