A Difficult As-sign-ment


For some of us, we’ve just passed our undang exam. For others, we’ve been driving for years and we’ve grown used to seeing everything on the road till we learn to routinely ignore road signs. However, do we really remember what each road sign means? What if they actually have something important to tell us? Let’s have a look at some of the more common, yet often unknown signs.

Huge exclamation mark. What does this tell us? It means “Caution!” Look out ahead! If you see this sign, it’s telling you to take care, so do us all a favour and listen (or read).

Ah, these ubiquitous red dots. What could the sign be saying? Polka dots? Join the dots? Think outside the box (Props to you if you get this one)? No! This sign means “Obstacles Ahead!” So just like the Caution sign, if you see this, take heed or one of those obstacles might greet you rather unexpectedly.

These two signs go together and tell us that there are dangerous curves in the road ahead, either to the right or to the left respectively. If you’ve trouble telling right from left, you might want to figure that one out before you get on the road again.

Narrowness galore! Both these signs indicate that a narrow road/bridge is coming up so slow down and pay attention or you might find yourself on the road shoulder before you realize it.

Take heed, the road splits here! Make sure you’re on the correct lane to avoid any nasty surprises.

Usually seen in the more mountainous regions, these signs tell us when a divided road begins and ends so be careful!

Also another sign more commonly seen on mountain roads, this means that there’s an emergency turn-off area if your brakes are malfunctioning. Of course, please check your brakes before you drive up and down hills to avoid even having to use this.

You’ve seen this sign around. It means NO PARKING HERE, so please go and find a legitimate parking and use that instead. If not, you might find yourself slapped with a hefty parking fine.

Similar yet different than the parking sign, this one means NO STOPPING here. Usually that means it’s dangerous. Usually, these signs are ignored still. Well, take care!


This sign is being included because although everyone knows what it means, nobody seems to pay attention. This sign means NO ENTRY. Pay attention! It really does not take that much longer to drive around and there’s a good reason for this sign. 

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