6 Tips before Choosing Your Car Window Tint in Malaysia


Malaysia is one of the sunniest countries in the world. Malaysians spend an average of 3 hours every day stuck in their cars. These 2 facts are important in today’s article because it shows the importance of having a proper car window tint to prevent the car from heating up, and the drivers from being blinded by the glare of the sun.

Here are 6 tips before you choose which car window tint you should go for.

Image from:  Mobile Install

Image from: Mobile Install

1) Know the various tinting alternatives and requirements

Always do your research when it comes to car window tinting. The first step you should take into consideration is to find out the number of offered options your window tinting shop may have. These options include:

Visible Light Transmission (VLT): The percent of overall noticeable light that is sent via the window film/glass system. The lower the number the much less visible light sent.

Infrared Rejection (IR): Infrared light type the sun is only a section of the solar range which gives warmth with a window.

Ultraviolet Rejection (UV): Indicates the quantity of ultraviolet (UV) energy that is blocked from travelling through the glass. Removing UV light can minimize the rate of deterioration.

Complete Solar Energy Rejected (TSER): The percent of complete solar energy (warmth) rejected by the window film/glass system. The greater the number, the much more complete solar energy (warmth) turned down.

Visible Light Reflectance (VLR): The percent of total visible light that is reflected by the window film/glass system. The lower the number the less visible light reflected.

Tinting With Safety Film: Could shield on your own against burglary. It’s encouraged to take 4mil or 6mil safety film.

2) Cost vs High Quality

When it comes down to it, it’s always better to go for quality over cost. Many people assume that the pigmentation is similar, and will often get the most inexpensive one to save cost. However, a low quality tint has a tendency to fade, fracture, bubble, peel off or turn purple. Plus, cheaper tints tend not to have heat rejection technology built in.

We recommend getting a high quality car tint as compared to a cheaper alternative as it’s better for the long run.

3) JPJ Certified

Image from:  Carlist.my

Image from: Carlist.my

In Malaysia, it’s important to note that the VLT for front windscreen should be above 70% while the VLT for the rest of the windows need to be about 50%. It’s also important to note that although your car tint is certified with JPJ rules and road laws, a darker tint on your car window may cause some officers to stop your vehicle for checking.

4) SmartTag Friendly

Image from:  Nadhir Ashafiq

Image from: Nadhir Ashafiq

Make sure the color tint is SmartTag friendly. There’s no point obtaining color tint which are expensive and also can turn down a high percent of heat yet is incapable to make use of SmartTag and holding up the traffic while you pass by the tolls.

5) Choose the right installer

There are plenty of dishonest dealers and installers in the market now. These include offering rebranded, phony or fake brand name window tints, as well as providing incorrect tinting than what was originally agreed upon. Choose accredited car tinting shops with visible certifications, if possible, and make sure that all window film tints should be initialled with the brand and trademark marked clearly on the film.

6) Learn how to preserve your tint colors

The last thing to note is the importance of preserving your tint colors. This is to make sure that your window tint lasts for a longer time. After the color is set up, you will need to wait a few days prior to cleaning or even rolling down your windows. This is to prevent drawing the pigmentation loose until you are completely sure it’s dried. When cleaning, it’s also recommended to make use of a soft paper towel and an ammonia-free cleaner.

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