5 ways to keep the vacation vibes going long after your holiday is over!


Vacations are good for the heart, better for the soul and best for our overly worked brains! Whether it’s the cities alive and vibrant with bright lights or breathing in ocean air and having salty hair with nothing but the sun and the sand, wherever you go, you go with all your heart. But how many times have we returned with a high that crashes harder than the economy did over the last decade (it’s not too soon to make this joke is it?). Post-holiday depression is legit no matter what the doctors and our bosses say! So how do we make this high last? How do we keep the good vibes alive, long after the tans have faded and the memories have blurred?

Without further ado, here are 5 full proof ways to ensure that you’ll be feeling good long after your vacation!

Photo Source:   BlogESAH

Photo Source: BlogESAH

Collect those hotel amenities and… Give them away!

We make a living from what we get (and many holidays, yay money!) but we make a life from what we give. We’re all guilty of nicking those tiny shampoo bottles and extra tissue rolls for ourselves even though we don’t really need it. This holiday, why not collect all these freebies and give them to the first beggar you see before you head home? For them, these small amenities could go a long way. And hey, if you want to go the extra mile, fill up those complimentary water bottles and give those too. You’ll go home feeling lighter both metaphorically and literally; no one has a heavy heart from helping those in need and you’ll shave some weight off of your luggage!

Photo Source:   Fine Dining Lovers

Photo Source: Fine Dining Lovers

Buffet breakfast? Yummmaybe not.

“Vacation calories don’t count” – Is that your favourite mantra for the holiday? Here’s some advice honey; if you love yourself, stop lying to yourself! Those calories definitely count but worry not. Here’s one way to still be a foodie while keeping (somewhat) healthy: Have a breakfast filled with proteins. Skip the continental buffet and head on over to the egg counter. Poached, scrambled, boiled, sunny side up – doesn’t matter! Eggs are not only one the healthier options but it will also keep away the munchies and mid-morning cravings. That’s half the battle won! And how will this help once you’re back? Cut down that holiday weight AND if you stick to eggs in the mornings (plus minus some avocadoes and oats) then hey, you’ve got yourself the perfect start to the day even off-holiday.

Photo Source:   GIPHY

Photo Source: GIPHY

Sleep, swim, eat, holiday and repeat!

Airbnb is all the rage now but hotels haven’t lost their touch. And if you’ve got a pool then here’s the only tip you need: Go for a swim first thing in the morning! Why? I’ll give you three reasons. One, it loosens up your muscles and keeps your body feeling fresh and rejuvenated all day long. Two, it’ll keep your metabolism high throughout the day so you’ll be burning calories faster than a teenager realising they need to take a selfie for Instagram! Speaking of selfies, here’s reason number three: You’ll probably have the pool all to yourself with everyone else snoozing so there’s your perfect photo op.

Photo Source:   LD@school

Photo Source: LD@school

Google Docs are the bomb #nuffsaid

Going with friends, family or your SO? Ahhh… Looking forward to a peaceful vacay? I’d stop living in the clouds because let’s be real, no trip comes without some arguments when you’re with someone else. More often than not, we get upset over the tiniest things: Not being ready on time, not eating where we want to, not having enough time to see what we want to see etc. Lucky for you, technology solves this easy peasy. Just open a Google Doc online and share it with your travel companions! Together, create a list of things to do, places to eat at, must see spots – and don’t forget the small details like phone numbers, opening/closing times and so on. Collect the info separately and together, easily organize what’s on the list! This saves time, avoids any own time and everyone gets what they want.

Photo Source:   GIPHY

Photo Source: GIPHY

The aim is to die young… As late as possible, so get your car checked!

Last but not least, to ensure a safe trip with good memories to bring home, you’ll want to make sure that your car is in tip top shape, especially if you’re doing this ala road trip. Here’s a simple checklist for even the noobiest of car experts but if you’ve got the time, a proper maintenance check at the auto shop is always best:

1. Tire pressure. Fill it right or you’ll be losing out on fuel and increasing the chance of a blowout.
2. Light bulbs. Ensure all of them are in working order – you want to see, be seen and make sure that your intentions on the road are always clear.
3. Brakes. Perform an emergency brake test. If there are any weird sounds, uneven wear or vibrations – get a professional to look into it immediately.
If you’re renting, the above still works and you’ll want to take note of the car’s mileage and wear and tear. Finally, remember to keep all support/emergency numbers on hand together with all your car insurance details. The last thing you want is coming home with a sad story involving you, a waste of money and your car.

There you have it, ladies and gentleman. Check all of these and you’ll come home in high spirits that will last a whole lot longer than a sugar rush. Your heart light with giving, your body nourished and fit, your mind at peace, and your stories – all good.

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