5 Useful (But Possibly Overlooked) Car Gadgets


Gadgets and thingamabobs can be a car owner’s ally and today we take a look at some gadgets meant to make your drive easier! Consider adding these to your car (if you haven’t already) and make life a little simpler (or more interesting!).

1. Dashcam

Perhaps you’ve seen those exciting videos that were caught on a well-placed dashboard camera. Perhaps you’ve been in one of those videos yourself! Dashcams are extremely useful for recording beautiful and scenic drives and especially helpful for proving that that accident that you might get into was not your fault. The forward facing camera won’t really protect you physically, but that video could definitely come in handy!

2. Blind spot mirrors

You may have seen these little guys attached to other people’s side mirrors and wondered what they’re for. Wonder no more! They’re there to help you peer into those blindspots without having to crank your head all the way around left and right everytime you want to merge into another lane or even turn out of a junction.

3. Seat belt cutter and window glass breaker

One of those gadgets I sincerely hope you never have to use. A seat belt cutter and window glass breaker is one of those “just in case” gadgets that can turn out extremely useful because it does exactly as its name says if you’re ever caught in a situation where you need one. However, again, I hope you never have to use it.

4. Bluetooth car kit/USB charger

You have that extra cigarette lighter port that can double up as a 12V socket. Let’s put it to some use! A Bluetooth car kit can help older cars connect to your smartphone to make calls or play music over your speakers while a car USB charger is for those moments when you really need to Waze somewhere and your phone decides to give up on you.

5.  Drop stop

A simple but incredibly useful car accessory, we’ve saved the best for last. You could design your own or buy these off a local online shop. What do they do? Simple! They fit into that crevice between your seat and the centre console so that you never lose anything to that gaping maw ever again. Save yourself the hassle of butterfingers and having something slide beneath your seat (especially if it’s your phone).

So there we go, 5 car accessories that may come in extremely useful! Safe driving!

Fun with CarsJeremy