5 Tips You Need To Prevent Getting Into An Accident


Driving isn’t always as smooth sailing as you would hope. There are a lot of moments where unexpected things happen, things that even the most careful driver cannot control. In these situations, you may end up in an emergency situation. However. There are plenty of ways for you to prepare for these things. The important thing is to have knowledge and practice to ready yourself for an emergency situation and hopefully, not have an accident

Things like:

#1 Engine on Fire

Photo Source:   Wikipedia

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Malaysia is a hot place, but it usually won’t cause your engine to overheat and catch on fire. So when you see your car engine smoking, and your dashboard signal shows an overheated car, stop by the side of the road. You’ll have time to get out before the fire reaches you. When your car begins to overheat, or catch fire, aim to stop at the side. Follow these steps when you see smoke appearing:

1. Turn into the emergency lanes, and stop the car as quickly as possible. Turn off the engine.
2. Get out away from the car. Your car isn’t worth risking your life over.

#2 Tyre Blowout

Photo Source:   SmartDriving

Photo Source: SmartDriving

A sudden burst tyre will throw off even the most experienced of drivers, but with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to handle it easily. When your tyre blows, you should try these tips:

1. Don’t swerve your car. The first thing most drivers do when the tyres blow out is to swerve, which is potentially dangerous for everyone around. Instead, hit the accelerator and keep your car straight. The speed will help you regain control of your car.
2. Release the accelerator gently and smoothly while continuing straight ahead. Let your car coast to a stop without using the brakes.

#3 Driving Off-road

Image from:   KTTC.com

Image from: KTTC.com

A loss of control swerve can sometimes lead to your car leaping off the road and onto the side. Avoid steering back onto the road immediately because this will cause you to lose control of your car and send your car spinning. Follow these tips:

1. Grab on tight to the steering wheel and keep it steady.
2. Gently release the accelerator and brake moderately. This should help you regain control of your car. Slowly take some time to get your bearings straight.

#4 Jammed Accelerator

Photo Source:   SmartDriving

Photo Source: SmartDriving

While this admittedly doesn’t happen very often, it’s better safe than sorry. Sometimes, your accelerator may get stuck, forcing your car to suddenly accelerate. When this happens, you must remember to keep your cool and maintain control of your car. You should first try gently kicking the accelerator from the side with your foot to loosen it. If that doesn’t work, try these tips:

1. Shift into neutral. It’s better to have damage to your car than crashing.
2. Brake moderately to come to a slow stop.
3. If all else fails to work, turn off your engine. It should stop the acceleration, and give you time to slow to a stop.

#5 Brake Failure

Photo Source:   Focal OBD

Photo Source: Focal OBD

When you feel that your brakes suddenly don’t react or have stopped working, don’t panic. Just keep your eyes on the road ahead and steady your hands on the steering wheel. Don’t make any sudden turns unless there’s something directly in front of you. Try these few steps:

1. Don’t slam your foot on the brakes, instead, pump the brake pedal rapidly several times. This is to build enough brake pressure to stop the car.
2. Change to a lower gear to do engine braking and slow your car down to a stop.
3. Use the hand brake. Don’t pull it up quickly, as that will cause your wheels to lock and slide into a drift. Keep your hands on the brake and steadily control your car to a stop.

While these tips may help you out, a bit of practice is always helpful. Try out these tips on an empty carpark or road. This will help you build muscle memory of what to do in case of an emergency.

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