5 Types Of Passengers In Your Car


One of the prerequisites of owning a car is to inevitably have passengers along for the ride. Whether it’s family, friends or even passengers from ride-hailing apps, there are several unique types of passengers that you will instantly recognize.

Such as…

#5 The Sleepyhead

Sleeping in the car for long journeys is a fairly normal thing, but the Sleepyhead will sleep as long as they’re IN a car. It can be to the mini market 5 minutes away, or just a 10-minute journey to the pasar malam; the Sleepyhead will still be snoring away.

#4 The Backseat Driver

Photo Source:   Metro UK

Photo Source: Metro UK

The most famous of all the passengers; the Backseat Driver is usually a person who has years and years of experience driving a car, and won’t be shy to let you know. “BRAKE!!!”, “WHERE’S YOUR SIGNAL!”, “WALAO WHY YOU LET HIM CUT IN?”, “EH YOU KNOW HOW TO DRIVE ANOT?” are some of the classic examples found in the Backseat Driver’s manual.

#3 Speed Racer

Photo Source:   Car Mudi PH

Photo Source: Car Mudi PH

Maybe you just finished watching Fast and Furious with your friend and the adrenaline is racing (pardon the pun), and your friend suddenly suggests that you step on the accelerator a bit. Then a bit more. And a bit more…until you get stopped by a police roadblock. But in all seriousness, there are some passengers who really want you to drive faster and furiouser. We suggest you don’t listen to them. #DriveSafeYo

#2 The Doosh Doosh DJ

Photo Source:   Youtube

Photo Source: Youtube

The best thing to make a traffic jam better is to play music. From radio stations to your own USB mix jams, music will help to drive away all the restlessness of sitting for hours in traffic. Until someone decides that your musical tastes aren’t in tune with his and starts to change channels, plug in their own music and generally take over the only thing keeping you sane. The Doosh Doosh DJ will overrun your radio, despite protests from you. The only hope is that the Doosh Doosh DJ will have good taste in music.

#1 The 38

Photo Source:   Team COCO

Photo Source: Team COCO

Malaysians are the best when it comes to commentating about everything, but the 38 takes it to another level. When the 38 is in your car, you will feel the scanner working full time. Biscuit crumbs on the seat? A hole in your cushion? A speck of dust on your windscreen? Petrol running low? The 38 will notice everything and start the questions. “Why you never wash your car?”, “Why no more petrol?”, “Why you eat in the car?” So. Many. Critiques.

Have you ever had these kinds of passengers in your car? What other types of passengers do you think we missed out on? Let us know in the comments!

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