5 Family Cars For The Coolest Dads


Well, you’ve reached that time of your life. Happily married with 2 kids, maybe 3. “Daddy”, they call you. It’s something you never imagined being called. How things have changed in your life, including the car that you drive. A minivan is what your friends all joke about the family man, but it seems to slowly become a reality.

But we’re here to tell you that despite parenthood wrapping you around its little finger, you don’t have to give up feeling good about what you drive. There are plenty of amazingly cool cars and SUVs that balance family priorities without sacrificing comfort and style.

So for Father’s Day, here are the 5 family cars that we think all the coolest dads should own.

#5 Audi A7

Photo Source:   Car and Driver

Photo Source: Car and Driver

The Audi A7 a family car disguised as a luxury sedan, with gorgeous leather and wood, and amazing tech features that you just don’t see in other luxury cars. The A7 boasts of a unique fastback design that is halfway between a sedan and wagon, just to give you a sportier feel to a family car.

#4 BMW X1

Photo Source:   BMW Canada

Photo Source: BMW Canada

Taking your children to school and doing the grocery rounds may seem like the inescapable chore of fatherhood, but not when you can get behind the wheel of the BMW X1. With the classic BMW mix of power, handling and control, the X1 lives up to the hype of being the ultimate driving machine. Additionally, the X1 is big enough to put in a few more child seats, and even pets!

#3 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Photo Source:   Car&Bike

Photo Source: Car&Bike

Fathers usually don’t like to be told that they’re sexy, but if they’re riding in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, that layer of sexy is coated with class and sophistication as well. A family-friendly option among the Mercedes-Benz range, this large sedan checks off all the requirements of a safe ride with excellent crash test ratings, forward collision warning and emergency braking and also gets fantastic marks for reliability.

#2 Mazda CX-5

Photo Source:   Motor Trend

Photo Source: Motor Trend

Fatherhood doesn’t mean giving up on the pleasures of life, and the Mazda CX-5 is proof of that. Incredibly sporty and aesthetically pleasing, the CX-5 also a credible family car. With its large interior and boot, the CX-5 can fit in car seats, hauls from the toy sale and a month’s worth of diapers with space to spare. The superior ride and handling, as well as the available all-wheel drive of the CX-5 allows you to travel highways and twisty byways with ease.

#1 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Photo Source:   Land Rover

Photo Source: Land Rover

Have a big family and always looking for more seating space? No problem. Bring up to 7 family members and fetch them around in fashion and comfort in the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. While its standard V6 engine is great for daily driving, you can opt to relive your glory days with the 510-horsepower, supercharged V8. Interior features like a touch-screen infotainment system, navigation, Wi-Fi, and a rear-seat entertainment system help the Range Rover Sport effortlessly blend family life with extra “me” time.

Dads, which car do you think is the best for you? Leave a comment below!

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at TOC Automotive College!

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