5 Beautiful Iconic Cars!


Some cars are built for speed, some for prestige but some built for design and beauty! In this article, we are going to break down a few beautiful cars that made history. Feast your eyes!

Photo Source:   Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

1937 Alfa Romeo 8c 2900b Spider
Here is the classic Alfa Romeo 8C created by Vittorio Jano, an Italian Automobile Designer. The first model was initially designed as a racing car, however, when it began production in year 1937, the design made some changes, shifting towards comfort and reliability. Most of these cars body work designs were based on the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, which is an automobile coachbuilder but some were bodied by Pininfarina, an Italian car design firm. The Pininfarina design was the tenth highest price ever paid for a car in auction at that time. Today, the car is said to be ultra-rare and is expected to be priced at £20 million, making it the most expensive pre-war car! Not only the car embodies an elegant look, but it is also a powerful car back then.

Photo Source:   The Bugatti Page   Ralph Lauren’s 1938 Bugatti type 57sc

Photo Source: The Bugatti Page
Ralph Lauren’s 1938 Bugatti type 57sc

1938 Bugatti type 57sc – Atlantic
This is another rare and beautiful car ever made in history! Created by Jean Bugatti, the eldest son of Ettore Bugatti, the car was built from 1934 till the 1940s. Of course there are a few other cars were made based on the 57sc concept and one of it is the Atlantic body. There were only four of the Atlantic body in production at that time by using just plain Aluminum, but the seams were retained for style and that, led to the car’s present fame. Today, there are only 2 types of the Bugatti 57sc Atlantics around the world and one of the owner is Ralph Lauren, a renowned Fashion Designer. The car is worth $40 million as it is the pinnacle of the Bugatti family’s contribution in the twentieth century.

Photo Source:   goodingco

Photo Source: goodingco

1954 Jaguar XK120m roadster
During the beginning, Jaguar had a vision that this model will be a hand-built specialty vehicle, however, unexpected demand poured in for the new post-war Jaguar car. The demand was such a craze that Jaguar was forced to put the XK120 into production. During the 1948 London Motor show, guests were astonished and overwhelmed by the jaw-dropping beauty this car had. The curvy and sleek design was influenced by William Lyons, also known as “Mr.Jaguar”, co-founder of Swallow Sidecar Company, which eventually became Jaguar cars.

Photo Source:   Pictures of Cars

Photo Source: Pictures of Cars

1959 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder
This car was Sergio Scaglietti’s perception of an open-top 250GT. Actor, Chris Evans spent 5.6million in year 2008 to get that car. According to http://www.rmsothebys.com, the car is highly desirable with rare factory-installed features, including Superamerica-style front fender vents, an inset air intake on the hood and velocity stacks. Not only is this car an iconic beauty, but also has a collectible value to it in terms of the pop culture era. It is also said to be one of the most desirable Ferrari’s in the world.

Photo Source:   Cloudinary

Photo Source: Cloudinary

2008 Maserati GranTurismo
This car is a Masterpiece by itself. According to www.caranddriver.com, what the Maserati can brag about is the dizzying number of colour combinations for every surface of the car. The rich leather that covers the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and gearshift boot can be done in 10 different hues. Everything can be done to what you desire. This Maserati is a class of its own, the epitome of personalization and the Master of luxury. However, this model is also more expensive compared with other coupes back in the days because design speaks volume.