4 Tips You Need for Not Crashing In an Emergency


Uh-oh. You’ve lost control of your car. While this is a bad time for you to be reading this article, we have some tips that may just help you out of this emergency. Besides, it’s important to react correctly to avoid getting into a major accident. And in a moment like this, it’s great to have some knowledge of what you can do in this situation.

Tips like:

# 1 Braking Without ABS

Photo Source:   ME Mechanical

Photo Source: ME Mechanical

The anti-lock brake system (ABS) is a system that prevents your wheels from completely stopping, or locking up. This prevents your car from going into an uncontrolled skid. While most modern cars nowadays have ABS, older models may not have this technology. If your car is of the older generation, you should learn how to control your braking without locking up your wheels.

Brake hard enough to slow down to the point that your wheels almost stop rolling, and release or increase pressure when necessary and allow it to have constant grip by moving forward. Don’t make any sudden turns or your car is going to roll.

#2 Braking With ABS

With ABS in your car, emergency braking is much simpler. Just stomp on the brakes as hard as you can. ABS will make sure your brakes won’t lock and your car won’t skid. Now, just calmly steer and control your car until you come to a safe stop.

#3 Tyre Sliding

Photo Source:   Puget Sound Blogs

Photo Source: Puget Sound Blogs

If your rear tyres or front tyres start to slide, regaining control isn’t like how it is in the movies. Unless you’re a professional drifter, drifting a car with no control will only lead to an accident. What you should do is to try to regain control with these methods. For a front tyre slide, keep your steering wheel as straight as you can until you regain traction and control. Oversteering will make your car veer off dangerously. For rear view slide, you will have to regain control of your car before counter steering your car into a proper stop position.

#4 Off-roading

Photo Source:   Insurance Chat

Photo Source: Insurance Chat

Sometimes, swerving in an emergency will lead you to go off the road. When this happens, it’s important to stay calm. The first instinct is usually to swerve back onto the road, but this can be dangerous if not done correctly. First, you will want to get your foot off the accelerator, and allow your car to slow down, while steering it parallel to the road. The idea is that you should turn back to the road without swerving your car. A hard turn will often lead to a flipped car.

Always keep calm in an emergency and remind yourself of the proper reactions in an emergency. The worst thing you can do is to send your car flipping over, or crash into another car.

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