4 Things Employers look for when hiring Automotive Technicians


In every industry, employers look for certain sets of skills in an individual before hiring. Although there is a demand in the automotive industry, employers still go through the process in picking the right person, who are best suited for the job.
Here are some of the things you might not want to miss out! Here is to getting you prepared before going for an interview;

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” A strong and powerful quote from Georg Wilhelm Friedrich. At TOC Automotive College, we strongly believe that everything starts with passion. It is important for an education institution to ignite the passion in students, bringing out the best in them. Employers want to look for someone who is passionate in the automotive field. Passion alone is merely not enough, but to live within that passion, is something else. Being passionate in the position you are in gives employers a sense of trust and confidence in you.

Aside from passion, motivation is vital in getting you hired! If you are motivated to do your job well, employers will see a great potential in you, hence, giving you a pay raise or even getting you into a better position. However, vice versa, it is also important for employers to value staff and motivate them to do better. Motivation is a critical aspect to succeeding in today’s business scene.

Practical skills
Technology is changing rapidly in today’s vehicles. The ability to cope up with new technologies are very important. Graduates are expected to have a basic knowledge of all technological components of a car. It is important for an individual to do research and practice the necessary on different types of cars. Aside from that, if a fresh graduate is able to initiate new ways and improvement on the current technology, he or she will definitely be noticed by employers. Pump up your resume by working on side projects and list down all skills and knowledge you have learned in this field. This will show credibility to employers.

There is a sententious difference between earning a certificate and being in the working world. Employers are eager to know what you have picked up during your education years and the necessary skills you have learned. It is important to have an automotive education in order to land a job in this field. Employers often look out for young and bright individuals who can apply what they have learned in school in this fast-paced industry.