4 Proper Ways to Get Rid of Your Super Old Car


In Malaysia, it’s not uncommon to own a 20-year old car. To Malaysians, a car doesn’t stop working until we decide it’s unworthy of being on the road, either mechanically or financially.But what’s the fate for a car that’s waaaaay past its prime and being on the road? What can you do to dispose of your hunk of junk metal?

Here are a few things you can do to your 20 year old car.

1. Sell it privately or to used car dealers

Image from:  Safer Driving

Image from: Safer Driving

Selling your car is one of the best ways to get rid of it. You’ll make some money (not a profit obviously). You can go through many classified websites or even consider some used car dealers. However, research and knowledge is required so that you price your car accordingly, and not scare away prospective buyers.

2. Take your car apart

Abandoned cars are very common sights in Malaysia. They are a hazard and dangerous for mosquito breeding grounds. Instead of leaving it in a parking lot somewhere, why not take the whole car apart and salvage the valuable parts left in your car? It may be a very time consuming process to do, but taking parts of a car and selling it individually may net you a higher profit than selling the car itself.

3. Give it away

Image from:  Video Blocks

Image from: Video Blocks

There’s a saying that there’s nothing better than the act of giving. So why not gift your car to one of your nephews or your friend’s son who has just recently gotten his license? We’re pretty sure that they’ll continue to cherish the gift and your generosity for the rest of his or her life.

4. Scrap it


Image from:  Exeter Car Removals

This is the final destination for your car. Scrapping your car is the final straw for your beloved vehicle. There are scrap yards who will happily turn your car into metal chunks, and pay you for your efforts too! Various components and items such as batteries, carburettors, or seats will usually be salvaged for refurbishment. The rest, such as the doors and body of the car, are typically sold for material.

If you have a car coming up in age, maybe you should consider these few options? Which one would you opt for? Leave a comment below!

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