4 Malaysian Car Cameos in Pop Culture


Malaysians generally love seeing all things Malaysian in pop culture. That’s why, when we see Malaysian stuff on TV or in a movie, we love to talk about it. We love describing everything about Malaysia to people in other countries; the good and the bad. Here are a few instances of Malaysian cars making cameos in pop culture.

#4 Mr Bean’s Golf Ball and the Proton Saga

The Proton Saga appearing in a Mr Bean episode, even if it was only for a few minutes is notable in its own right. Mr Bean fumbles his way along a golf game and comes across the Proton Saga. Who knew that the Proton Saga could play golf too?

#3 Jeremy Clarkson and the Myvi

Chances are, wherever you look on the roads today, there will be a Perodua Myvi. The Myvi isn’t the best of cars in terms of specs, but offers affordability and reliability for the everyday worker. Back when Jeremy Clarkson was still on Top Gear, he reviewed the Myvi in his Small Cars segment, calling it a whole bunch of names. Still, practical is practical.

#2 Proton: Fasting Growing Car Company in the UK

Proton was once touted as the UK’s fastest growing car company. The Proton Saga was reviewed by Top Gear’s Quentin Wilson back in 1991, with the host calling it a car that offered affordable reliability. With China’s Geely recently acquiring Proton shares and co-producing upcoming Proton cars, we have to see if Proton can reach its lofty heights again.

#1 Jeremy Clarkson and the Kelisa

Photo Source:   YouTube

Photo Source: YouTube