4 “Confirm Work” Steps To Nego When Buying A Car


Malaysians love getting discounts for everything; clothes, shoes, electronics, nasi lemak…who doesn’t love discounts? Getting a discounted price on an item you want to buy will allow you to walk away happy and contented. That’s why there are so many sales happening all the time.

Buying a car is not like bargaining for cheaper fruits at the market. But what if we told you that your chances of getting a cheaper deal can be improved by using the proper negotiation techniques? Take a look at 4 tips we have that is guaranteed to get you a discount on your next car.

Photo Source:   Money Tip Central

Photo Source: Money Tip Central

1. “Attack” from the start. Begin your deal by negotiating from the first time you enquiry about the car. Example: if the seller/dealer asks for RM55,000, ask if the best price can be RM53,000.

2. Always remember to negotiate on the TOTAL price. The total price may sometimes include the “hidden costs” on top the displayed price. The sooner you ask for the total price inclusive of all “hidden costs”, the easier it is for you to use during the rest of your negotiation and not be blindsided.

3. Make a lower offer. Using the same example, if your seller is asking for RM55,000, offer RM52,000. Remember to sound sincere about the sale! If the person selling you the car believes that you’re really going to buy the car, they might reduce the price.

4. Compare and compete. There is no better gameplan than to put in a little bit of competition. Let’s say you have two cars on your list that you are interested in. Make sure both sides are aware of your options. Tell them you will buy the car from whoever offers you a better price. For example, if one of them offers you a RM1000 discount, call the other person and ask if they can match it. They might even give you a bigger discount to close the sale!

Photo Source:   Autobytel

Photo Source: Autobytel

Here’s a bonus tip: Negotiation is an art. It takes a lot of determination and patience to achieve success, but you can and should include a moment of “silence”, or a pause, to allow the seller/dealer to think about the amount he wants to sell the car for.

If you follow the above negotiation tips, you’re bound to get a discounted rate on your purchase. These four steps should be taken into consideration when asking for a lower price. Don’t put yourself on the chopping board.

Good luck negotiating your dream car!

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