4 Annoying Causes of Car Accidents in Malaysia


Accidents on the road can happen at any time, and due to a wide range of reasons. While some accidents cannot be avoided, there are some accidents that could have been avoided, accidents that are caused by human error and a lack of responsibility.

These are some of the annoying causes of accidents in Malaysia.

#1 No proper car maintenance

Photo Source:   Huffington Post

Photo Source: Huffington Post

Have you ever seen a car’s tyres so bald that One Punch Man got jealous? A car with bald tyres is a car without proper grip on the road, which leads to skidding and crashing. A simple maintenance check could have prevented this. Cars are machines that need to be maintained to ensure the best performance. Remember to also check your brake fluid, turn signal lights and the works in order to prevent accidents from happening.

#2 Speeding

Photo Source:   Thrillist

Photo Source: Thrillist

Malaysia is a country with speed limits, but most Malaysians see those bright red signs as a challenge to exceed the limit. The speed limit is designed to prevent accidents from happening, not as a target to beat. Furthermore, when it rains in Malaysia, the roads get extremely slippery and visibility becomes low. This only makes speeding even more dangerous to you and to the other motorists around you. Remember, Malaysian roads are not for you to live out your Fast and Furious fantasies. Keep to the speed limit and drive safe.

#3 Jaywalkers

Photo Source:   SunStar PH

Photo Source: SunStar PH

Malaysians love to take the shortest possible route to their destination. Unfortunately, that includes taking a shortcut by jaywalking across a busy road. Can you imagine a car swerving to avoid a pedestrian? That is an accident that should never happen. Only cross the road using pedestrian bridges or zebra crossings.

#4 Text and drive

Photo Source:   The Odyssey Online

Photo Source: The Odyssey Online

We didn’t think that this one needs much thinking, but too many people are doing it now. The first rule of driving school is to keep absolute focus on the road while driving. Playing with your phone while on the road distracts you from paying full attention on the road, and only allows you a one handed drive. Your texts and tweets can wait until you stop the car.

So always remember. Your life and the lives of the people around you are at stake when you drive. Take the utmost care and be safe on the roads. Which of these annoying causes do you hate the most? Leave a comment below!

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