3 MORE Weird Driver Personalities On Malaysian Roads


When we get behind the wheel, sometimes, our personalities may change completely. We wrote about a few weird driver personalities on the roads in a previous post, but we decided to add a few more in.

We’ve compiled another list of personalities that are most commonly seen on Malaysian roads. Who knows? You may be one of the 3 weird personalities listed below:

1. The Beat Monster

Image from:  The Indian Express

Image from: The Indian Express

You love music, and you can’t help but to break out into song every time your jam comes on the radio. But how can you jam without your trusty bass speakers to drum the music into the eardrums of everyone who gets into your car? From the amazing beats of Gangnam Style to the dub dub woop woop of dubstep, you’re the soul of every party music in your car.

That is, until you severely disturb everyone around you. Not everyone has the same taste in music as you, and you might possibly be annoying someone. Plus, an overly loud volume isn't the best way to share your taste in music with the world.

2. The Social Addict

Image from:  Business Insider

Image from: Business Insider

An accident up ahead? Better take out your phone to snap a picture or record a video. Your 50 friends on Facebook or Instagram need to know you saw an accident! With a smartphone, everyone can be a reporter. Anything that can be shared, will be shared because of the attention it gets.

But every time you’re slowing down to get that perfect shot, you’re not helping with the traffic jams, and the blockages of emergency services getting to the scene. It’s better to drive ahead and ignore your need for social media attention.

3. The Grandpa

Image from:  TheFifthPercentile

Image from: TheFifthPercentile

On the opposite spectrum of the Hulk, you have the Grandpa; zen, relaxed and having an absolutely great time on the roads. Driving is like meditation, and nothing around you can faze you, not even the sound of the honking cars and the angry drivers behind you cursing because you’re going 40km/h on a 80km/h stretch.

While it’s commendable that you’re so zen in a time like this, but you may be holding up traffic. You’re taking up unnecessary space and causing others to slow down to your pace. You really should speed it up grandpa!

No matter which type of driver you are, it’s always best to stay safe on the road. All of us have a destination to get to, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Which ones of these personalities are you? Leave a comment below!

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