TOC Alumni Interview – Following your heart


If you think only boys can have a successful career in the automotive industry, do take a listen to what Chew Li Jing has to say.

Recently TOC had the opportunity to catch up with Chew Li Jing, a 2014 TOC alumni who was, at one time, the only female in class. She has since gone on to successfully graduate and secured a stable job in an industry that she is passionate about.

  1. How old are you now and on what year did you join TOC?

    I’m 23 this year. I studied in TOC from 2011 to 2014.

  2. What made you interested in the course?

    There is no particular reason why. I guess I got influenced by my dad when he used to do a minor repair on his cars. He does not work in the automotive industry, but he does minor repair work such as wiring. At the time, it used to catch my attention and I was interested to find out what he was doing and how he did it. After SPM, I was not really sure of the course that I should take, and that’s when I thought of TOC.

  1. Which is it about automotive that interest you the most?

    I love to learn more about how an engine works, why there is a particular part that exists in the engine, and how an engine functions.

  2. Which in automotive education do you find to be more difficult: the theory or practical?

    For me, the theory is more difficult because unlike during my younger years, the theory can be answered using multiple choice answers so it was more towards common sense.

  3. Did you receive any objections from your parents when you wanted to further your studies at TOC?

    My parents simply asked: “Are you sure? If you are sure, then we will let you take the course.” They were very supportive of my decision. .

  4. Do you have any regrets joining TOC? And why?

    I have no regrets. This is because I like to do work which are technical.

  5. Do you encourage more young people like you to join the automotive industry?

    I believe it is not a problem for your people to join the industry and there are a lot of opportunities.

  6. What experience do you have and where do you work now?

    I did my internship with Audi at Old Klang Road as a job controller. Today, I am with Quattro Autohaus, Bandar Sunway, working as a Sales Executive.

Chew Li Jing: Red shirt on the right.

Chew Li Jing: Red shirt on the right.