Ng Ming Yang – STARS of TOC


They had a dream. They believed in their passion. They are now here to inspire you.

Meet the ‘Stars of TOC’ and listen to the “little voices” that have told them to follow their heart, believe in their dreams and hold on just a little longer. Come on a journey with them as you discover how they are living the dream by doing what they love.

TOC Student

If I told you my greatest life’s achievement was helping a stranded motorist change his tire, you probably would think I’m crazy. You see, I have always loved wondering around on my bike – even if I did not have anywhere to go.

When I’m free, I would just ride around to see if anyone needs a helping hand. I mean, why learn about cars at TOC if I’m not going to put it to good use? Then one day, I came across an uncle with a punctured car tire. As the traffic was very congested, I could see that there was really nowhere he could go. I got down off my bike and offered to help.

In just a few minutes, he was good to go. I could see that he was relieved, and that put a smile on my face. He handed his name card to me and under it, was a huge sum of money. I took the money and tuck it back into the uncle’s hand, and told him I’m here to help for free and not offering paid assistance. He respected my wish. When I look into the name card, I realise this uncle is not just an ordinary uncle, he is Tan Sri Ghazzali Sheikh Abdul Khalid, the director of one of Asia’s largest telecommunications groups, Axiata.

I’ve helped many motorists and each is as meaningful. But having crossed paths with such an extraordinary man, it was, in particular, memorable.

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