Mohd Raihan Rahman Boby – STARS of TOC


They had a dream. They believed in their passion. They are now here to inspire you.

Meet the ‘Stars of TOC’ and listen to the “little voices” that have told them to follow their heart, believe in their dreams and hold on just a little longer. Come on a journey with them as you discover how they are living the dream by doing what they love.

Marketing Executive

I talk to students about cars by day and dream about my own by night. It’s just one of those things that keeps me up. The thought of modifying my car take me
someplace else.

Dyno. Body kits. Tuning. Those are the things I especially love at TOC. I guess I’m just lucky to be doing my passion and work at the same time.

I caught wind of TOC at an education fair back in 2011. And as it turned out, I’m now an educator myself at there. What do I do you may ask? I counsel students
on the future that they have in the automotive industry. The industry, as you’re reading this, is growing at a rapid pace. I’m really fortunate to be part of this. It gives me satisfaction. It gives me meaning. It makes me love what I do.

If you’re looking to become an automotive specialist. Look no further. Just make sure you pay attention in class and you will be someone. This while doing the thing that you love.

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