Mohammed Saleh Al-Ansi – STARS of TOC


They had a dream. They believed in their passion. They are now here to inspire you.

Meet the ‘Stars of TOC’ and listen to the “little voices” that have told them to follow their heart, believe in their dreams and hold on just a little longer. Come on a journey with them as you discover how they are living the dream by doing what they love.

TOC Alumni

I’m from Yemen. A TOC alumni. Moving abroad to study was never easy. Not without passion. And definitely not without support from family. I used to be that guy hanging around the backyard. Getting all greasy. Getting down on things. I did car lightings. Paint jobs. Car accessories. All these and a dream of moving abroad to study.

Today I’ve graduated and it’s my single most memorable achievement to date. I wouldn’t have done it without inspiration from dad. Neither would I have succeeded without support from mum and aunty. If you have a dream and are willing to act on it. You will surely be going places. I did.

And it has been the ride of a lifetime.

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