TOC Futsal Tournament 2014


At TOC, we encourage students not only in their studies, but also being involved in activities outside of their classrooms. This time around, a total of 6 teams participated in the TOC Futsal Tournament on 1st November 2014. The teams were namely; Team Joga, Team E11, Team Gear Oil FC, Team 1307A, Team RB and Team Red Barons.

Sport activities not only promote a healthier lifestyle for our students, but at the same time, encourage teamwork and build bonds amongst them. The futsal tournament started at 8am and ended at 2pm. After hours of nerve wracking play-off, the game finally came to end with three winning teams.

Congratulations to the Champion, Team Joga, walking home with RM 700, medals and a trophy. Team E11 won second place, walking home with RM 500 and medals each, followed by Team RB, walking away with RM 300 and medals each.

All in all, it was a fair match, and the teams played their hearts off to gain the winning spots. The students and staff are eagerly looking forward to the next Futsal Tournament.