Zen Low: When His Passion Becomes His Profession


In this day and age, it seems increasingly difficult to find a successful individual who would spend their free time, giving back to society. We at TOC Malaysia, were lucky enough to have witnessed such an event last week :)

Mr Zen Low, race driver for Team FXPrimus Aylezo and JH Italia- Lamborghini Malaysia, spared us a few hours of his time with the notion of educating our fellow students about his experience in motorsport.

Students swarmed the lecture hall, anticipating to hearing him speak on his career and experiences along the way. These hopeful students are ready to be inspired and on their journey to inspire others. Everyone starts from somewhere, and the starting point always counts.

Zen gave us some insights on how it is like to be a part of the race scene and what do you know! It’s not as easy as it seems. The road has not been easy at all for Zen and he has faced his fair share of struggles. Not only does it take plenty of persistency, it also requires an abundance in financial support. The truth might be bitter but in all honesty, he mentioned that it is an expensive sport.

However, it is not all bad news, he believes that the technical side of things is increasingly important and is definitely a good career to pursue, not only locally but internationally as well.

“I met a lot of people in my life, and from there, I start creating opportunity for myself. We all need to start from somewhere. Remember that opportunities do not come knocking on your door every day” expressed Zen. He also urged our students to pursue what they love because “when you enjoy doing something, naturally you will tend to be good at it and the chances of the success rate will also be higher,”.

About Zen Low
Born in the city of Kuching, East Malaysia

Zen is also the brand ambassador for WORX Professional Tools, a spokesperson for SOL helmet, Spokesperson for FUCHS Oil and was recently appointed as a smart celebrity partner by NINETOLOGY to represent their latest smart phone U9- X1.

He has won numerous awards such as the – Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo 2013 Round 4 Fuji Speedway International Circuit, Malaysian Super Series (GT4) 2012, ZerotoHundred TimeTo Attack 2010 and the list goes on.