TOC Corporate Video Launch


Established in 2004, TOC has come a long way since. The foresight of CEO and founder Ms Adelaine, in delivering first-class automotive education has turned the dreams of many students with a passion for motoring into reality.

This same vision is the essence of TOC’s brand new corporate video with its recent rebranding initiative as epitomise by its new motto: “Dream, Believe, Inspire”. This is further cemented on the day of the video’s debut, as Ms Adelaine delivered her speech during the college’s morning assembly. “The reason of this video is you. You had a dream when you were young to work and play with cars. You believe in your passion and that’s why you’re here today. We believe that one day, you will inspire the next generation.”
Works on the video was initiated in the second quarter of last year. It was a painstaking journey of reworks, changes and, often, a “back to the drawing board” process. Not only did the production team want to make sure that the video communicate what TOC stands for, but equally important, is how the video will connect with the audience on a deeper emotional level.

The video starts off with a proposition that “Every child has a DREAM” whilst depicting a child, deeply captivated by his toy car.

The film then transits to a young man that is seen engrossingly working on technologically advanced automotive equipments and conducting tests on a race car. A call to “BELIEVE in your dreams” is put forward, as the young man is soon racing on the track and finishing the race to a crew in jubilant celebration. At the end, a flashback brings us back to the same boy as seen in the beginning. He receives a birthday present from his dad who got him a toy car with a birthday card which reads: “One day you will INSPIRE others”.

TOC is proud to have made this video happen, because much of the scenes were filmed using the expertise and resources that which TOC has acquired over the years – from state-of-the-art equipments and training facilities to battle-ready race cars. All the scenes – including the race – were shot live. The race scene was actually filmed during TOC’s participation in the recent Sepang 1000km race – an event which gave students the opportunity to gain exposure and experience in a real motorsport racing event. It is safe to say that TOC definitely practices what it preaches.

The scenes in the video exudes class and sophistication; shedding light into the limitless and rewarding career opportunities that come with an automotive education. It changes the misplaced mindset of the public who often perceives automotive work as “dirty” and “menial”. But in fact, the video gives a walkthrough of what automotive education is all about: theoretical understanding, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and practical skills – a comprehensive and in-depth automotive education that is designed to develop skills that are niche and highly sought after in the market.

News UpdateAda Foo