5 MORE Things To Avoid Doing To Your Car

Most of us here have been drivers for long enough that we feel like we know almost everything about our car. Well, on the contrary, here are a few more “OMG I TOTALLY DIDN’T KNOW” things that you could be doing that might just be damaging your car.

1. Using water to fill up your coolant reservoir

Image from:  LVMT

Image from: LVMT

“Coolant? So expensive. Aiya no need lah. Just use water." Most people would have uttered this phrase at least once. But while it’s a good alternative when you’re in an emergency (ie: in the middle of the desert), using water as a substitute for coolant in the long run will cause your radiator to rust over time, opening up your engine to overheating issues.

Water is fine for emergencies but always opt for proper coolant when you can.

2. Changing gears before coming to a complete stop

Image from:  Car From Japan

Image from: Car From Japan

While it’s not possible for you to change your gears from Drive to Park or Reverse when your car is moving in the modern auto cars, it’s generally not a good idea to do it in any car. Auto transmissions are made up of parts that will wear out easily if you don’t treat them right. A lot of us shift from Drive to Neutral when coming to a stop at the traffic light, but constantly doing this while on the move will place unnecessary stress on your gears and components, which will eventually wear them out or even damage them. Save yourself the trouble of repairing (and forking over hundreds or thousands of dollars) in transmission repairs and wait till your car has stopped completely before changing gears.

3. Inflating your tyres while they're hot

Image from:  AA

Image from: AA

Many people tend to inflate their tyres after a long drive, because “my tyres need the air” But, Inflating your tyres after a long drive isn't recommended as the expanded air within them will give your inaccurate pressure readings, leading to underinflated tyres once they cool down. So instead of inflating your tyres after a long drive, make it the first thing you do in the morning. This way, you’ll get a much more accurate reading and won’t end up with underinflated tyres.

4. Resting your left foot on the brake pedal while accelerating

Image from:  Yahoo

Image from: Yahoo

During particularly long drives, people may get a bit tired. Sometimes, out of necessity, some of us will rest our left foot on the brake pedal, pressing both pedals down at the same time. While this may help you give your left foot a bit of rest, it will also cause excessive amounts of brake fade, which, in turn, leads to a higher number of brake pad replacements over time. Plus, your car slows down. Why would you want that?

5. Overloading your car with too many passengers or too much cargo

Image from:  chinaSMACK

Image from: chinaSMACK

Some people just love to clown around. Literally. These people try to fit as many passengers or things, into their car as possible. This would save you a trip or two, but it’s also an offense in terms of road laws. Plus, it will also force your suspension to work extra hard to deal with all the additional weight. Over time, your suspension will lose its effectiveness and you'll feel every single pothole and bump on the road. Of course, this will also lead to some pretty hefty maintenance fees.

So which one of these have you done before? Leave a comment below!