The Otomotif College Graduation Ceremony 2012 – TOC Student Testimonials


Kraisorn Bunjaridh from Taiping, Perak
Technical & Development Associate at Matrix Motorsports Promotion Sdn Bhd
“I grew up in an automotive centric environment. My former teacher was a real petrol head, my father worked on cars and I would repair my friends’ cars. It was only natural that I would enroll at TOC to develop my skills in something I’m passionate about.

TOC gave me incredible internship opportunities: first with Aylezo Motorsports, then with Matrix Motorsports, organisers of events such as the Merdeka Millennium Endurance race and Sepang Saturday Night Fever.

I’m now working with Matrix Motorsports. Besides working on the track, I’m also learning to handle the organisational and logistical aspects of putting together a  motorsport event. I hope to put this knowledge to use one day to open up my own workshop and motorsport team.”

Mohd Ashraff bin Mohd Rafid from Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Self-employed at J’s Tuck! Workshop
“I started to tinker with cars since I was seven.  I chose to study at TOC as it is the only college to offer a specialization in motorsports. Tuning the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) unit of a car with my lecturer and learning the MOTEC telemetry software were unforgettable experiences.

With supportive parents, friends and lecturers, I’m currently running my own motorsports workshop. The experiences I gained during my Supervised Industrial Training (SIT) and internship with Onward Motorsport were invaluable in my business.

I opened my own high performance workshop because I feel that in many places, people are paying premium prices for substandard services. When dealing with paying customers, you have to treat their machines as if they were your own. The 5S principles in TOC of instilling cleanliness and discipline are perhaps the most significant aspect of my learning that carried over into the working environment. My core business is in the electrical wiring of a car. No steps can be skipped as the customer’s safety is my responsibility. Hands-on experience is the most important thing in the automotive industry. Theory builds a foundation, but it’s only through practice that familiarisation and success will come.”

Goh Pei Fung from Lahad Datu, Sabah
Warranty assistant at The Millennium Auto & Carriage (Honda distributor)
“I began developing an interest in the automotive industry when my childhood friend introduced me to it. Having heard of TOC’s reputation and facilities, I decided to pursue my studies here.

The knowledgeable, experienced and friendly instructors challenged me to make the best use of TOC’s facilities for my studies. The CAN-BUS system was my favourite subject and it is an accurate representation of the automotive system found in most road cars.

During my internship, I was placed at The Millennium Auto & Carriage and learnt to use Honda’s diagnostic systems in handling customers’ issues. After my internship period ended, I was immediately offered a position as a warranty assistant. Working at a desk job is different, but my time at TOC helps in making decisions regarding diagnostics and warranty claims.

I hope to further my studies by taking a vocational instruction certificate so I too can one day be an automotive instructor/lecturer.”

Lam Boon Yee from Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan
Technician at Deus Automotive Sdn Bhd
“It wasn’t until after finishing school that I realised that my passion lies in automotive. After volunteering for race teams and becoming a pit crew in the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race 2010, I knew motorsports is where I want to be.

At TOC, I learn the core knowledge required in the automotive and motorsport industry, then furthered that knowledge with real life application during my internship. I am currently working at Deus Automotive, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of custom car chassis. This is where my knowledge from studying the Motorsport Chassis System subject is really paying off in helping me understand the dynamics behind a car’s chassis. I’m now practically learning to build a car from scratch, and hopefully I’ll be able to get in the driver’s seat to test it out as well.

I’m intending to further my studies to become a race engineer by pursing a Bachelor’s Degree. I hope to one day to form and manage my own motorsport team.

Terrance Moey Jun Ping from Kodiang, Kedah
Senior Lubrication Technician at Autosaver Pte Ltd (Singapore)
“I quit my job of 5 years to follow my passion in the automotive industry, and opted to study at TOC instead to build my knowledge and skill. TOC’s course is very hands-on, with emphasis on a clean and tidy environment to promote a standardised and disciplined way of working. Pursuing my diploma wasn’t without its bumps and hurdles. I failed one of my papers, but failure teaches success, and that drove me to work even harder to become an outstanding achiever.

I’m now working in Singapore as a senior lubrication technician. The opportunity came when I interned with my current employer. When my internship period ended, I was offered a permanent position within the company. It’s a good job as my role is akin to being a supervisor. There are also more modern cars in Singapore, so there’s more new technology to get familiar with.

I hope to continue my studies to ultimately work in a car manufacturer so that I can not only work in automotive servicing, but also in the research and design of new automobiles. I hope to specialise in Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and hybrid systems as they will become the way for cars in the near future, and there aren’t many specialists yet.”