Saab’s Suprisingly Slick Phoenix Hybrid


By: Chuck Squatriglia
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Photo Source: Saab


Saab floored a lot of people at the Geneva auto show with the Phoenix, a slick gas-electric concept that provides a glimpse of the automaker’s future now that Spyker’s taken over from General Motors.

The futuristic yet accessible car showcases some of the technology we’ll see in the next generation of vehicles and some of the styling cues design boss Jason Castriota — who’s done work for Pininfarina, among others — is bringing to the Swedish automaker. It’s a bit outlandish, as concepts often are, and the rear end has way too many LEDs. But the “aeromotional” design is an homage to Saab’s aviation roots and “a new reference point” for future models.


“It symbolizes a renaissance of the innovative spirit and passion that drove Saab to build its first car,” Castriota said in a statement. “We’re now taking the visual DNA forward with what we call ‘aeromotional’ design, adding emotion, power and fluidity.”

The design looks back even as it looks to the future and suggests we’ll see the return of Saab’s vintage teardrop shape.

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