Chassis Dynamometer (Dynojet Model 424x)


The Otomotif College (TOC) boasts of being the first college in Malaysia that has an in-house four-wheel Dynojet with the ability to run front wheel, rear wheel and all wheel drive vehicles on the same dyno.

This state-of-the-art equipment is worth RM 500 K and is the first all-wheel drive inertia style chassis dyno which measures power delivered to the surface of the "drive roller" by the drive wheels. TOC Motorsports students are privileged to enjoy the use of this high-end apparatus the college sourced for them to learn fine-tuning sports cars. The sports car is often parked on the roller or rollers, which the vehicle then turns on and the output is measured.

The calculation of the power produced by the engine or motor is done by measuring the torque and rotational speed simultaneously. This torque cell calibration routine takes less than a minute to perform. Each eddy current unit attaches to the roller directly by way of a splinted shaft, eliminating issues such as belt slippage or failure while maintaining superior repeatability.

Dynamometers can be used as part of a test bed for a variety of engine development activities such as the calibration of engine management controllers, detailed investigations into combustion behavior and tribology.

With a pair of cutting edge 224 xs’s which is capable of measuring 1500 + all wheel horsepower each, both horsepower and torque measurements can be done on front and rear wheels separately or combined. This makes tuning or troubleshooting any part of the drive-train, front or rears a breeze. 

Furthermore, simulated load tests of either the engine or full power train such as step, sweep and loaded roll on can be conducted. In addition to simple power and torque measurements, closed loop load testing is also available by targeting engine rate of revolution.