10 Surefire Ways To Save Money On Petrol


Petrol prices may not be fluctuating as wildly as in the days of old, but it’s always a good idea to find ways to save some money. Today, we’re going to look at some surefire ways you can save on petrol, and in the process, save some of your money for the upcoming holiday season. 

Image from:  Daily Express

Image from: Daily Express

1. Use your air-conditioner smartly

Most of us usually turn on the aircond at full blast as soon as we go into the car, and that’s a normal reaction due to the weather in Malaysia. However, it’s been proven that the air-conditioning can increase your petrol consumption by up to 20%! Our suggestion is to keep your aircond at low, if possible for more fuel efficiency. 


2. Fuel up at the right time

There are certain times of the day where it’s recommended that you fuel up your car. The best time to fuel up your car is early in the morning or later in the evening or night. Petrol itself is denser at lower temperature, and the expansion of petrol takes place in warmer temperatures. So if you fuel up in the mid afternoon, when the temperature is at its hottest, you will get less petrol for the same amount as when you fuel up in the morning or at night. 


3. Make sure your car is properly maintained 

Image from:  Budget Direct

Image from: Budget Direct

If your car is poorly maintained, it can probably use up as much as 25% more petrol than a normal car. To counter this, just keep up with your car’s regular maintenance by taking your car in to your dealership or a trusted mechanic.


4. Make sure your tyres are inflated

One of the main causes of high petrol consumption is under-inflated tyres. An under-inflated tyre can increase your car’s rolling resistance and increase your car’s petrol consumption. Simply make sure that your tyres meet the car’s recommended tyre pressure to avoid this problem.


5. Keep car’s weight at a minimum

It’s been proven that the heavier the load your car is carrying, the higher your car’s fuel consumption will be. With every 25kg load in your car, there will be about a 1% increase in your fuel consumption. It’s recommended that you don’t carry unnecessary items in your car, like additional clothes, shoes and other items. 


6. Electric vehicles over gas-guzzlers

Image from:  Logbook Loans

Image from: Logbook Loans

You can consider a hybrid vehicle over the conventional petrol-only vehicles. There are now more hybrid options for you than there were 10 years ago, when the hybrid cars were still a new thing. There will be no doubt that the hybrid car will help keep those petrol bills down. 


7. Plan your travel beforehand

Image from:  My First Car Guide

Image from: My First Car Guide

It’s now easier than ever to plan your travel routes in advance. With apps like Google Maps and Waze, which allow you to plan your daily commutes and to avoid traffic jams, it also helps you to save petrol more efficiently. 


8. Don’t leave your car idle

Malaysians are especially good at idling in their cars, along with double parking to wait for errands. However, an engine that idles for more than 10 seconds uses more petrol than it takes to start it. Always turn off your engine if you’re planning on waiting for someone to do a quick errand. 


9. RON95 all the way

Image from:  Berita Harian

Image from: Berita Harian

 Unless your car specifically requires it, putting in the premium RON97 petrol is just a waste of money. Regular RON95 petrol is sufficient enough for most vehicles, and provides pretty huge savings if you’re refueling constantly. 


10. Don’t believe in “Petrol Saving Miracle Devices”

Every now and then, you’ll probably come across someone selling a “miracle device” which helps you save petrol. These “devices” have been tested and have been proven that they do not do much to help save petrol, so it’s better to save your money for something else. 


What do you think about these petrol saving tips? Leave a comment below!