10 Gift Ideas for Car lovers that YOU can afford!


You may have that one friend who loves his/her car more than anything else in the world! However, when it comes to their birthday, you have absolutely no idea what to buy for them. What if you have not much knowledge on car stuff?  Most of the car items like rims, subwoofer, speaker system, electronic devices, car seats and more can be very pricey if you do not have the budget. Fret not! Here are some stuff you can get for them.

1.     Car Care set

Image source:  https://www.carlist.my

A perfect example of the perfect car care kit!

Walk into places like Ace Hardware or even MR.DIY, you can find loads of car care items from the car cleaning section. From car wash soaps to glass cleaners; you name it, they got it.

2.     Garbage Bin for cars

Image source:  http://lazada.com

Image source: http://lazada.com

This will definitely come in handy especially if you are driving and there’s no place to throw your rubbish. Let’s just say you are eating your convenient store sandwich and tear open that wrapper. Where would you place it? So, if you think your car-friend has left that out, get them one! Not sure where to buy from? Check out Lazada.com, they have all sorts.

3.     Trunk Organizer

Most of the time, you see a car trunk full of stuff; unorganized. To keep things neat in the trunk, a trunk organizer could be the perfect gift for your messy car friend. Not only does it keep your trunk looking neat, it’s super convenient if you go to the groceries, sports, or even business trips. You can find this on most of the online sites like Shopee, Lazada or even 11street.

4.     Car Fragrance

This is a common but a useful item. I mean, who doesn’t want their car smelling nice? However, smell is a subjective thing. So, if you know what kind of fragrance he or she likes, it may be helpful. Many departmental stores or even supermarkets have them. If you are looking for something not so common, try Yankee Candles. They don’t only sell candles but a variety of car fragrance too.

5.     Portable Car Vacuum Clean

Image source:  https://uae.souq.com

Image source: https://uae.souq.com

The best way to keep your car clean and dust-free is to vacuum regularly! This would also be an ideal gift for those who have kids that likes munching in the car. Wiping away crumbs and what not could be a hassle; vacuuming it would be easier and faster. Some of the reliable brands includes Black & Decker, Dyson, Bosch, and Armor. Most electronic shops will carry these products.

6.     Sunshade

Even if the car is already tinted, there’s no harm putting on extra shades! It could be useful especially on a hot and sunny day. These days, sunshade for cars are simple to use as it has magnetic sides. However, pay attention to the car model your friend is driving. Otherwise, it won’t fit! You can get it online or even hardware shops like Mr.DIY or Ace hardware.

7.     Dash Cam

If your friend do not have a dash-cam, get them one! It is important to have one these days because sometimes, we need proof or evidence. There are many dash-cams out there for you to choose from; depending on your budget. However, it is best to buy one with warranty because it’s an electronic item. Xiaomi is also popular with its dash-cam at a decent price.

8.     Steering lock

Not many people uses steering lock these days. However, if you buy your friend one, he or she may consider using it! The habit of putting on the steering lock can get you out of trouble. There are many types of steering lock; also depending on your budget. However, there are pros and cons to each type of steering lock. Personally, if a steering lock takes too much of a hassle to install, don’t get it. So, what is the best type to get? The Disklok steering wheel lock, the universal type steering lock, Pedal brake clutch throttle steering wheel lock, and the rotary lock.

9.     Car Fire Extinguisher

Is it important to have a small fire extinguisher in your car? I’d say yes. Most car fires start small. If you are quick to pull out your fire extinguisher, you can avoid major damage to your car and potentially deadly accidents. What else?  You can use it elsewhere if there is a minor fire involved and help those in need on the road. This is a good safety gift for your car friend!

10.      Car Cleaning Cloth Set

Most people only have 1 or 2 cleaning cloth in their car. What if both are still drying up? The more, the merrier! A car cleaning cloth set is practical and easy to find. However, get the right type for cars! Some cloths are not suitable for cars.