5 Interesting Sun Shades

It is a little known fact (kidding) that Malaysia is known for its sun. Being in the tropics, it gets hot here and ridiculously so. Parking your car under the sun can lead to your car heating up very quickly and a possible deterioration of your dashboard. That’s why sun shades were invented and we’ve all seen the boring usual ones being put up. However, what if I told you that you sun shade could be customized to suit your personality and tastes? Check out these awesome ones!

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A focus on the Automotive Industry 2018

On the bright side, the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) is trying to shift its focus on the 2018 budget, targeting the automotive sector. This covers four segments; job opportunity for locals, a rise on new businesses, funding for industry players, and empowering existing businesses. This also gives hope for the locals to be trained in this sector with the proper allocation of budget.

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Choosing a college 101

Choosing a college to enrol in is no easy feat. There are many factors to consider before you make the right decision. Enrolling into a college isn’t like buying clothes or shoes, it is an important decision; a decision that will decide your future career. Yes, you can always opt to pull out, but that’s not very nice isn’t it? Here are a few factors to consider before making up your mind.

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The Automotive Industry; People with Disability

There is never a dull moment in the automotive industry. Every day, there are different innovations, technologies, and even ways to make the automotive industry better, and bigger. This time around, we are looking at a different target market; the disabled. There is nothing wrong with helping those in need and it is always a good thing to help others.

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Life & CarsLee Shermaine
Expensive Cars in the World

Cars are generally expensive. Owning one is already a heavy commitment to many of us; counting in the service, road tax, petrol, maintenance and the list goes on. However, to some, they will go all out just to buy their favourite car. Not everyone has the luxury to get the car of their dreams, but hey, nothing is impossible! Even if you can’t own one, you may have the chance to work with one or drive it (If it is part of your profession).

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Take a Drive with these Songs!

There are plenty of songs in the list when you are in your car. However, some of these songs set the mood a little bit more. While you are bored in the jam, just play these songs and go with the groove. That being said, don’t be all “gangsta” on the road and follow the road rules :)

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Just For FunLee Shermaine