Electric cars & all you need to know

Electric cars actually go by the name Electric Vehicles or EV. I didn’t even know this! Did you? Sit back and relax as we go through this journey to learn about EVs together. I mean, we all know of EVs, but how many of us actually know anything other than being able to yell out “Tesla!”? With the world going more and more green (you’ve all heard about the toothbrushes and straws, right?), EVs are more relevant today than ever before and according to the New Straits Times, the government hopes for Malaysia to be the hub for Southeast Asia with the aim of adopting 200,000 EVs by 2020. So don’t be one of those late joiners, start now and understand it all before it becomes all the hype in Malaysia!

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Tires that goes Side to Side!

William Liddiard proves it by creating an omnidirectional wheel for cars. The Canadian inventor posted his video on YouTube with the caption “You’ve never seen a car do this” back in 2016 and hopes to sell his product to a big company when it is ready. Omni wheels are widely used for robotics research and engineering but not so much on cars. So, let’s sit back, and enjoy what the future has in store for us.

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5 Innovative Motorbikes That Are The Next Big Thing

As technology grows, cars aren’t the only thing that have been subjected to improvements and innovations. Motorcycles too are slowly being revamped to fit with modern tastes and needs, as well as fitted with plenty of technological advancements.

So today, we will look at some of the best motorcycles in the market, and how even two-wheelers can be as cool as their four wheeled counterparts.

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How to dress when prepping for a long road trip – you’d think this was easy but no…

Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, what you wear during your trip can either make it or break it! You don’t want an annoying itch from that little tag at the back of your T-shirt or to feel constricted and trapped from a too-tight pair of pants. But you don’t wanna be wearing your nasty 10-year-old pajamas either, no matter how comfortable they are!

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7 Things To Do If Your Car Is Stuck In A Flood

In Malaysia, it is currently the monsoon season, which means that there are plenty of rain happening. Huge rainfall means flooding, which wreaks havoc on the streets in terms of traffic. But sometimes, when you’re stuck in a situation where you cannot escape from the floods in front of you, your car is the one who will be affected the most.

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Fun with CarsJoel Wong
A Guide to Managing Angry Customers

It’s happening. There you are sitting at the desk of the automotive business you work for, when suddenly a customer walks right up to you. It’s obvious that he or she is angry about something. You’re caught off-guard and confused at first, but soon you come to your senses. You know that it is your responsibility to manage this situation; it’s what you’ve been trained for, it’s what you’ve prepared yourself for.

Here are a few reminders for you to keep in mind (in no particular order) when managing the customer and resolving the situation.

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Why Do Loyal Automotive Customers Leave?

It’s a common piece of wisdom that acquiring new customers costs more than retaining existing ones. This is why it’s a good strategy for an automotive business to focus on keeping its existing customers happy rather than focusing too much on acquiring new ones.

Having said that, it is still possible for even the most loyal of customers to switch to another automotive business to get their vehicles serviced and to source their spare parts and accessories from.

Why does this happen? Why are loyal customers still willing to take the risk of trusting other businesses instead of the one they’ve invested a lot of trust with already?

Let’s find out.

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Being an Introvert in Automotive Customer Service

People come in all forms, especially in terms of their personalities. This holds true even for those in automotive customer service.

Despite how sociable and outgoing an automotive customer service professional may seem while working, it may come as a surprise that some of these individuals would probably consider themselves to be introverts.

Yes, despite how most people might consider introverts to be shy and not particularly eager about socializing with large numbers of new people, it is still possible for them to leverage their strengths to excel in the field of customer service.

Let’s take a deeper look at how the traditional traits of introverts can actually be leveraged into strengths in the field of automotive customer service.

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4 MORE Parking Dos Every Driver Should Know

For some people, parking can be one of the most stressful part of driving. One reason is because so many people are either unaware of, or completely disregard, even the most fundamental rules of parking lot etiquette.


Which is why we’re exploring some of the parking dos you should know as a driver. It’s only basic courtesy after all. If you follow these tips, you can be an example to all parkers out there.

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What You Need to Know When Visiting Your Mechanic

Do you get a headache thinking about having to go to the mechanic for your ride? For many car or bike owners, this is a normal part of life be it for routine check-ups or because something’s gone wrong (touch wood!). But then… There’s the rest of us. The one’s who don’t know the difference between needing to change the oil (of something?) and needing to add coolant (for the radiator?).


Oh yeah. We’re the ones in trouble when visiting the mechanic. So here’s a few tips and tricks to remember, my fellow car-not-understand drivers (see what I did there?)!

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5 FAQs About Fixing Up Your Car’s Air Cond System

In Malaysia, one of the most important components of our cars is the air conditioning system. With our hot and humid weather, it’s a relief to just pop into your car and turn on the air conditioning to the maximum and enjoy the cool air wash over you. But did you know that over time, a car’s air conditioning system will slowly become less and less effective, until you reach a point where the air cond is just blasting hot air at you.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Road Safety

Just three years ago in 2015, the United Nations launched what is known as the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. Commonly referred to as the ‘global goals’, these seventeen goals were designed as a framework for governments, organizations, and even individuals like you and me pursue three broad outcomes: to end extreme poverty, to fight inequality and injustice, and to tackle climate change, all by the year 2030.

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Multiple Languages for Automotive Customer Service

Malaysia is a multi-cultural society, which means that we live in a very unique customer service environment. Having different cultures in any geographic area also means that there are different languages being spoken by people who live there. In the Malaysian context, this generally means that there are those speaking Chinese dialects, Indian dialects, and in certain states, even different dialects of Bahasa Malaysia.

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