University of ULSAN


The University of Ulsan (UOU) was founded on February 19, 1969 as the Ulsan Institute of Technology. The University was promoted to a full-fledged University on March 1, 1985.

The university is located in Mugeo-dong, Ulsan, South Korea. The University currently has approximately 10,500 students enrolled.

Programmes Offered:

B. Eng. Mechanical & Automotive Engineering


Study fees (Total)

  • USD16,000 

Cost of living + accommodation (Estimated)

  • $600 per month(RM2514)

Total fees (Approx.) at current exchange rate for 1 year

  • $16,000 x 4.19 = RM 67,040

Intake Requirements:

  • TOC Diploma in Motorsport
  • Completion of a year course in Korean Language with KLPT level 4 (if the course is in Korean language)

Work Placement:



Direct Application

Further Information:

The city of Ulsan has been recognized as the Korean city which was built around the corporate base of the multinational Hyundai conglomerate. Thus, the Hyundai Conglomerate announced its plan to give 40 billion won to assist a variety of university-industry cooperation projects.

This corporate relationship has helped turn the University into one of South Korea’s top rated institutions for graduate job placement, as well as increasing its reputation more broadly as one of the top private universities outside of Seoul. Even though it started as Ulsan Institute of Technology, University of Ulsan today offers programs in broad area through 12 colleges. There are 6 different graduate schools including the general Graduate School which offers Master’s degrees in 29 different disciplines and Doctorate degrees in 19 different areas of study.

In 2007, 12,614 undergraduate students and 1,637 graduate students are enrolled in the university.

University Location: Nam Gu, Ulsan, South Korea


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