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Chief Executive Officer

A visionary with drive and passion, Adelaine LK Foo is the CEO of TOC, and one of the early pioneers of Automotive & Motorsports education in Malaysia.

Passionate about education from the very start, Adelaine has always envisioned herself in the education industry. Graduating from the University of California, LA with a Bachelor and Masters in Arts, no one would have forseen her future in automotive education.

Adelaine has always been an advocate for the voiceless and people who loves cars and want an education specialising in cars have always been looked down upon. Fighting for their rights with the belief that everyone deserves proper education, she started TOC.

Inspired by the limitless career opportunities in the Automotive industry, and a will to establish recognition for automotive technicians, she founded The Otomotif College in 2004. Since then, she has propelled the college to a host of awards and recognitions including 5-star training provider of Malaysian Skills Certificates and Premier status by Accreditation Service of International College (ASIC).

Today, with Adelaine at the helm, TOC has celebrated more than 10 years of excellence, graduating more than 2000 students who are now working for the top automotive brands all over the world.

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